It is really quite something to start a Naval career reading blogs, and four short years later find oneself amongst the names of those you read. Admittedly it is intimidating, as well as an honor and distinction to be counted among them. I hope that you all will find my future posts interesting. Thank you to everyone at USNI for having me aboard.

YN2(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III

Posted by CTR1(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III in Naval Institute, Navy

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  • Chuck Hill

    So they are finally giving you the opportunity to initiate your own columns. Good. Congratulations. I always found your comments insightful.

  • Christopher Albon

    Completely agree with Chuck. I could always expect solid points from your comments, and now I eagerly look forward to your posts.

  • Welcome Shipmate!

  • SJBill

    This YN2 guy is pretty OK. We’ve been reading his responses and posts over at Phib’s place for quite a while.

    He has an unusual perspective – that of the enlisted person. He only shudda been an Airdale, just sayin.

    Congrats, H. Lucien!

  • SJBill, what’s so unusual about the perspective of an enlisted person? They do have them, you know.


  • UltimaRatioReg

    Welcome, YN2 Gauthier.

    Look forward to your posts.

  • Eagle1

    Welcome aboard!

    Now, get busy.


    Welcome, Noble Scribe!

  • Yup… the man has talents. Glad to see them recognized with a wider audience. 🙂

  • Fouled Anchor

    Welcome aboard shipmate.

  • The Naval Institute may be more than a century old, but that doesn’t mean everyone who writes for us is…you’re a part of a tradition of fostering young writers.

    Welcome aboard!

  • Welcome aboard YN2!
    w/r, SJS

  • GunDog15

    YN2, recommend you expedite your promotion to YN1 and apply for LDO. The wardroom needs you.

    (shamelessly training my relief)