Like seeing a chop saw taken to a 1966 Mustang convertible. It is a damned shame that a garage couldn’t somehow be built for this vintage 2,200-ton sports car of the sea. And that we couldn’t pull it in there and tinker with it on weekends until it looked like new and we could take it out for a spin.

Well, I spose you could. For only a few tens of millions of dollars, and with 200+ highly trained best buddies.



UPDATE: Calling all ship sleuths out there! Methinks the vessel in the above picture is ex-USS Aulick (DD-569), ex-HNS Svendoni (D-85). If so, here she is in her glory days of Greek service:

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  • Derrick

    Sorry…but I don’t remember which ship this is. What’s the name of this ship again? Also a brief summary of its historical significance would be nice too.

  • Paul

    Fletcher class by the general shape of her. Pennant number is obsured but looks like __8(or 6)5 or something with C 4 beyond that. First number is too far aft for it to be a USN number. Perhaps the Greek Sfendoni, or the Nearchos? Their pennant numbers were 85 and 65 respectively (thank you, Conways).

    Submarine in background doesn’t appear to be underway– no pennant and doesn’t seem to have a wake. Sonar dome on top of casing– Foxtrot class at a guess?

    I’d love to have her as a weekend project but Lake Champlain is demilitarized and I have enough unfinished projects around here to keep me busy.

  • UltimaRatioReg


    You said a mouthful about putting her on Lake Champlain.

    My guess is she is former USS Aulick, DD-569. She went to Greece under FMS in 1959 and served through the 1980s. She was stricken for disposal in the early-90s, and was supposedly scrapped in 1997, in Aliaga.

    Historical significance? Commissioned in 1942, she was one of 174 Fletchers, and there are only a handful left. Instructive as to how long a well-designed, tough, versatile platform can serve. We would do well to heed.

  • Paul

    Loved touring The Sullivan’s when I lived in Buffalo. She and the Little Rock were a great pair and counterpoint to each other and like you said URR, well-designed, tough and versatile. Take what they did to the Little Rock– from all-gun CL to a CLG with extra command space. Can’t do that kind of mod these days.

    When I was but a lad, we were scared by the ghost stories that The Sullivans was haunted by the ghosts of the five brothers roaming her decks. Any word on whether they put in for a transfer to DDG-68 or are they loyal to the original?

  • UltimaRatioReg

    My guess would be that whatever ship the Sullivans choose to frequent, they are the best of caretakers.

    They were by all reports good sailors and good shipmates, and died together because they chose to serve together.

  • Spade

    So, who would you bet on in a surface fight? That or LCS-1 or 2.

  • Andy (JADAA)

    Just Another Dumb @$$ Airdale, but I was surface trained to begin with. I have long maintained that a CODAG Fletcher was an ideal LCS hull size and with a modern 5″ equivalent is fully capable of making LCS exactly what People Smarter Than Me (TM) claim they wanted. As they say, BWTFDIK?

  • Paul

    No matter how high speed-low drag the LCS’s may be there is just something very intimidating about a ship close aboard with gun turrets training on your boghammer. Especially if there are multiple gun turrets with 5″ muzzles.

    But in today’s age of procurement, they’d have to put it out to bid, add a bunch of stuff on it, make it stealthy, have a competition between two companies, incur major cost overruns, have congressional hearings where either you think it’s the greatest thing since the Monitor, or it’s an expensive boondoggle that oughta be scrapped.

    Then once the contract is awarded, there has to be more mods, more changes and eventually it will see fleet service in very small numbers by about 2052 or so, just in time for President Miley Cyrus to cancel it…

  • Paul


    Is that your mustang you posted a link to? Very sweet ride if so!

  • UltimaRatioReg


    Odds versus LCS-1 and 2? Do you mean NOW or when she was operational?

    When she was operational, she was a prohibitive favorite.

    In the picture? Aground and partially dismantled? Vegas gives 6:5 and Pick ‘Em.

    Paul, I am not that exciting to have the ‘Stang. My ride is a 1964 Buick LeSabre. That is as exciting as I get. Ask SWMBO.

  • The Fletchers were the best destroyer class of World War 2 *in the world*. I should design a cardstock model of them. The Sumners were basically three twin 5″/38 turrets on a (slightly widened) Fletcher hull, too.

  • Paul

    Any thoughts on the sub in the background?

  • Byron

    Old Sov missile boat?