I applaud this father for his post, because his words will stay with his children for the rest of their lives. Our Army Life: Deployment 2010: I Need You

Read it. Go give them a comment they most richly deserve.

I’m personally invested …of course…for background.: My Dad deployed when I was two. After my Dad died (much later – not during that deployment), I went back and read the inscription from him in a book about his actions in 1972. It said, “To Mary, The memory of whom sustained me through all of this. With so much love, Dad” It means so much to me.

This post is about this family…and all of the girls and boys who hug and kiss their mommies and daddies goodbye.

And equally, all the mommies and daddies who miss their babies.

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  • When a military member deploys, I personally feel that it is the family who makes the deployment bearable. Nothing like the mail from home. 3 trips to Nam, one incountry and 2 at Yankee Station North and South. You have your shipmates or buds on the ground but it is still the family that keeps you going.