[Israeli] Navy tests new missile defense systems
In an effort to bolster its defenses in face of Hamas and Hizbullah’s growing anti-ship capabilities, the Israel Navy is testing a new missile defense system for its small and fast patrol boats that are tasked with enforcing the blockade on the Gaza Strip and Lebanon during wartime.

[UK] Defence Spending: Thousands Of Troops To Be Cut
Tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen face the axe after ministers concluded that reducing the number of uniformed personnel in the Armed Forces was the best way to save money.

N. Korea uses lead-up to political conference to improve North-South relations
North Korea has used the lead-up to a major political conference to suggest resuming a reunion program for families living on opposite sides of the divided peninsula. But it has given few clues about the meeting, the backdrop for Kim Jong Il’s planned hereditary power transfer.

India Denies ‘Cold Start’ Plan
India has told the United States that, contrary to speculation, it doesn’t have a ‘cold start’ doctrine for invading Pakistan within days of any conflict breaking out. The ‘cold start’ doctrine is a version of World War II’s ‘blitzkrieg’ principle, under which India would mobilize within four days against Pakistan, rather than taking the minimum two months believed to be required to move a substantial invasion force to the eastern border.

Sick Man on the Nile
Unless Washington does something dramatic to reverse it, the weakening of Egypt will constitute another example of diminishing American power in the region.

Challenge of a Changing Asia
Evan A. Feigenbaum argues that American strategy in Asia is not sustainable under Washington’s current trade policy.

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