Quick Update

September 2010


While nuclear fission is a “blast,” it’s probably not as exhilarating as hunting pirates or as poignant as some moments overseas (USNI bloggers are all over the globe these days!). Nuclear power school has certainly proven to be the most competitive academic environment in which I have been. We’re learning three technical subjects at once with at least one test per week.

The first test, covering the basics of the reactor, fell on the Wednesday following Labor Day Weekend. Before the schedule had been released I had booked a flight to DC, arriving back in Chucktown (Charleston) on Monday evening. One of my roommates had a similar predicament.

Let me tell you, the basics of a reactor aren’t really that basic.

As I would be gone all that weekend, my roommate and I put in some extreme hours starting a week out from the exam. 0530 wakeup, returning to the house around 2200+ a few times. Upon arriving at the airport, we found our flights were delayed…giving us a perfect opportunity for one more hour of studying.

Gotta head to bed; physics exam on Wednesday. If any NUPOC/ROTC/Academy/prospective nukes stumble upon this and have any questions about power school, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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  • Thompson

    Good luck. I remember going through there and then coming back to teach for 2 years. Just get into a schedule and try to keep a work out schedule going.

  • Andy (JADAA)

    Just remember, in the end, all you’re doing is boiling water. 😉 (Not a nuke, didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but roomed with one for an entire cruise)[nuke, that is]

  • Jeff Gauch

    Andy’s almost right. You’re boiling water with water without letting the water you’re using to boil water to boil, except where you want it to boil. Easy, no?

  • ToTheRiver

    Sounds like you’re getting the submarine minor at nuke school. That’s were you don’t see the sun for days on end because you’re in before it comes up, the windows curtains are pulled (at least they were in Orlando) and you leave after the sun comes down.

    And it is just boiling water, but you have to boil it the Navy nuke way. Just push the ‘I believe button’

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    Only another year and you can think about tactics, navigation, communications for a few brief weeks.

    Keep marching. Don’t die. You should be fine. Dolphins in 2012! Well, 2013 more likely. Then on to the Engineer’s exam and Qual for Command! Never a dull moment. It’s a great life. You will miss it when you retire.

    Don’t forget to write your Mother and your sweetheart.