“Whenever the Enterprise roams in the traditional freedom of the seas, she is the sovereign of the United States, a mighty symbol of our determination to preserve liberty and justice and a clear sign of our nation’s ability to do so.” – ADM Arleigh Burke, 24 Sept 1960

This Friday (24 Sept) marks the 50th anniversary of USS Enterprise’s christening. The eighth ship to carry the name, she is slated for one more deployment, her 21st, before being retired in 2012 (sooner if CNO had his way). Since commissioning in 1961, some have figured that over a quarter of a million sailors and aviators have served aboard Big E — and I am proud to be counted amongst the number on both counts.

We now have over 3,000 signatures on the petition to name CVN-79 the next Enterprise and at month’s end, I will close out the petition in anticipation of delivering the signatures to SECNAV, CNO and Senator Webb (open to other suggestions as well). If you haven’t signed yet — please do so and pass the word as well. With 2011 being the 100th anniversary of US Naval Aviation, I think it would be fitting to announce the name of the next carrier as “Enterprise”.

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  • I would respectfully request that you name the next carrier (CVN-79) the USS Enterprise in accordance with our traditions and history of the United States of America. Thank you.

  • Whoops- strike that- my bad.

  • Robert K Adler

    As an Old Submariner, it is not difficult to look at any carrier as a nice juicy Practice target. But USS Enterprise is a lasting and formidable National Asset. She bears the name of many historical Naval Ships, and this Name MUST continue.
    Personally I would hope that the US Navy would save Enterprise as a Museum Ship, in a post decom era. She is much too valuable a National Asset to simply Scrap.
    I support Naming CVN-79 USS Enterprise, and Saving this magnificent National Treasure.

  • Nick

    I hope to God that the SENAV, CNO, and Senator Webb realize the historical significance of the name Enterprise in the United States Navy. We have had a Enterprise in the fleet continuously since the 1930’s. This trend of naming our supercarriers after politicians is tiresome.

    The ninth USS Enterprise MUST be a Ford-class aircraft carrier.

  • Old Air Force Sarge

    As my oldest daughter (SWO-Nuke) served on Enterprise as a midshipman in the Med for a six-week cruise and as my son-in-law (F/A-18E pilot) is currently with the Enterprise’s air wing, the “Big E” holds a special place in my heart. There must ALWAYS be a USS Enterprise. I have signed the petition, and if YOU haven’t done so yet, get on it ASAP! Long live the Enterprise!

  • BlueHistorian

    The name “Enterprise” is famous in the rich history of the U.S. Navy, so that is why I have two requests. I ask that the next carrier (CVN-79) be named Enterprise to preserve the lineage of great ships that held that name. My second request is to designate the current carrier (CVN-65) as a historical museum once she is retired, and not to suffer the same fate as her predecessor (CV-6), and be sold for scrap, or worse, turned into an artificial reef. CV-6 was an aircraft carrier that survived World War II in it’s entirety, while others were sunk and renamed. In my opinion, it would be a crime if CVN-65 was scrapped due to the same short-sightedness that sealed the fate of CV-6!

  • 1170 ENS

    It was a travesty of epic proportions when the last Enterprise, the most decorated ship in WWII, and for a time the only operational carrier in the Pacific, was sold for scrap.

    That ship, and its successor CVN-65 have proudly and firmly cemented the name Enterprise as synonymous with U.S. naval power. The Fleet, and the Nation, cannot afford to be without an active Enterprise in its arsenal.

    USS Enterprise is the only fitting name for CVN-79

  • Dave Lesberg


    I tried to sign the petition, but somehow, it would not accept my signature. I did this several times with similar lack of success. But I want you to know, that I like to see our carriers named not after people but as they once were such as Constellation, Yorktown, Lexington, Hornet, Wasp, Saratoga and others. I want to see CVN-79 named Enterprise. These are storied names after storied ships and I want to see them continued.

  • thomas askins I hope they keep the name as a former Marine I care about tradition

    The name enterprise should live on as long as there is the Navy. I’ll never
    Live long enough to see the next enterprise after 79 but I hope my
    Children and their children do.