Al Qaeda Is A Bigger Threat Today Than 10 Years Ago, Says Terrorism Expert
Al Qaeda is far more dangerous than it was 10 years ago, the former head of the CIA’s bin Laden unit tells Deutsche Welle in an interview. He is also worried about the increased domestic threat the West is facing.

Fears of a Coup in Iraq; U.S. Advises Politicians To Be Cautious
Iraqi political and security sources in Baghdad and the mid-Euphrates provinces have warned of a real danger of a military coup or of an attempt by Shi’ite military militias, associated with Iran, of taking control of the regime in Iraq.

Interpol issues arrest warrants for Pakistani military officers over Mumbai attacks
Dear Pakistani military officers Maj. Ali Sameer and Maj. Iqbal: You may want to delay that long-planned vacation to London. You see, Interpol has just issued warrants for your arrest over your alleged roles in the November 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Losing the propaganda war
Years of night-raids, wrongful and abusive detentions and perceived impunity have created a deep-seated distrust among Afghans towards Western troops, a new report finds. People not only blame international forces for civilian casualties, they widely believe these troops are supporting the insurgents to justify a continued presence in Afghanistan.

More likely to be India’s century than China’s?
A compelling analysis from The Economist on how India’s freer style of doing business, when combined with a huge and still unfolding demographic divided, could well trump China’s current star turn in the global economy.

Dumb power: China condemns Nobel Peace Prize
With apologies to FP’s Chinese readers, here’s an automated translation of Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Jiang Yu Quan’s reaction to the news of Liu Xiabo’s Nobel Peace Prize.

N. Korea pressing forward on nuclear program, report says
North Korea appears to be moving forward with a program to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, a development that would enhance its ability to produce bombs and sell its nuclear weapons technology abroad, according to a report to be released Friday.

UK Navy To Reduce To Smallest Size Ever To Save Carriers
The Navy is set to be reduced to the smallest size in its history after admirals yesterday offered drastic reductions in the fleet in order to save two new aircraft carriers from defence cuts. Under the plans, the number of warships would be cut by almost half to just 25, with frigates, destroyers, submarines, minesweepers and all amphibious craft scrapped.

Stronger Hezbollah Emboldened For Fights Ahead
It was from this shrub-ringed border town that Hezbollah instigated its war with Israel in 2006, and supporters of the militant Shiite movement sound almost disappointed that they have not fought since.

Global Development Policy Directive: Misguided and Inadequate
“Smart power” has received its official stamp from the White House—but what does that really mean?

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