Well, before one of the more successful San Francisco Fleet Weeks in recent history winds down, here’s a little summary of what we set out to do, presented by Google Earth…The video is a little rocky, so if you can, run the Google Earth Tour (just make sure your volume for the embedded Google Earth video player is on mute!). But the video/tour gives you a good idea of what the folks who put together Fleet Week set out to do this week–and it sets the stage for the future! So…quit reading and go watch the San Francisco Fleet Week Video.
View this tour in Google Earth: Download KML
(Download the latest version of Google Earth here.)

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  • Derrick

    What is the purpose of San Francisco Fleet Week?

  • Fleet Weeks serve to honor the servicemen and women of the Sea Services.

    San Francisco Fleet Week gives some of the best-performing crews and Marine Units a chance to go a nice port-of-call and to enjoy themselves, get seen by an urban audience and to make new friends.

    It’s just like any other Fleet Week–but it also has that operational edge to it. When a big earthquake hits, the Navy is going to respond. Best to plan now rather than on the fly.