After experiencing the 2010 San Francisco Fleet Week and observing the “Green Machine” that is the USS Makin Island, I had to wonder just what the heck happened to the Air Force? That military branch was, back in 2006, surfing the leading edge of the Green Wave. But today, the Air Force has entirely lost momentum, ceding the Green Lead to the Green Hornet, the Great Green Fleet and the force of nature that is SECNAV Ray Mabus.

To read more about why the Navy is beating the Air Force in the race to adapt Green Tech, head over to and read all about it

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  • ’cause they realized it was number punching crap?

  • What do you mean?

  • Fox Conner

    Because it is all the Secretary of the Navy talks about. Seriously, if someone can find me an article where he talks about the Marines fighting in South Western Afghanistan, the Chinese Naval buildup, or the challenges in US Ship building. I’ll buy them a beer.

    I cannot recall another Secretary of the Navy that seemed more disengaged from their services.

    Mr. Mabus should have become the EPA Commissioner, not Secretary of the Navy.

  • Derrick

    Hmm…I see an obvious advantage in using those synthetic fuels as well as nuclear powered ships, as that reduces the US military’s dependence on foreign oil imports…

  • Fox Conner

    Indeed, Sir. Well played, I owe you a beer!