With Genuine Respect

November 2010


I apologize to the United States Naval Institute for failing to meet editorial standards on the blog in my November 10, 2010 post titled Leadership and Accountability. In that post it has been suggested I made an ad hominem attack against Admiral Jonathan Greenert. US Naval Institute blog rules forbid ad hominem attacks on the blog. I am responsible for all content posted under my name on the United States Naval Institute blog, and I strongly believe I should always be held accountable by USNI for any violation by me of their rules.

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  • Crow tastes no better eaten alone than when served to others; it takes some spine to chew and swallow it at the dinner table in front of the family.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Galrahn; they’re the right things to say, and if you strike the wrong tone, keep setting the right example.

  • Andy (JADAA)

    Admirable display of an adult response to whatever behind-the-scenes discussions after your on-point but nonetheless controversial piece, which did elicit much spirited discussion.

    The eternal back-of-the-Ready-Room JO in me reminds you of what always wafted forward from the peanut gallery any time such official perturbation made its way in our direction: “[CENSORED] ’em if they can’t take a joke!” Memorandum non Carborundum

  • Goal Keeper

    I for one, was inspired by your article “Leadership and Accountability”. Keep up the good work.

  • Chuck Hill

    What is it Fox news says about themselves, “fair and balanced.”

    We get a lot more inflammatory comments directed at the commander-in-chief.

    Let the record speak for itself.

  • Solon

    I believe you have apologized “on the side of caution”. There is a very (very) fine line between an ad hominem attack and the observation that the emperor is actually naked. I read certain blogs in order to challenge my mental framework, and yours (among others) certainly does that well.

    An occasional pee-pee whacking is a small price to pay (says the mob) in exchange for the intellectual service you provide your audience. Something about omelettes and cracked eggs, I believe…

    Thanks for the work you do (illegitimus non carborundum…in fake Latin scholarship).