Happy Thanksgiving

November 2010


Alex Martin, all of the Blue Collar platoon and everyone onboard the USS Dubuque

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  • Byron

    Thank you for standing watch on the frontiers of the world for us, CAPT Martin, while I enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner at home and enjoy the peace that you and your fellow Marines and Sailors provide to me and my family.

  • Tom Cline

    Our thanks to you, your Marines and the crew of USS Dubuque for your brave and faithful service. Best wishes and safe home!

  • Surfcaster

    Folks – thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • UltimaRatioReg

    Captain Martin and Marines,

    Happy Thanksgiving. And all that those words impart. Thank you for manning the ramparts, and may you be with your loved ones when properly relieved, IAW the Fifth General Order.

  • Thank you, will pass on the good word to the men. It’s our honor and privilege.

    And to our sister platoon, FORECON3, c/s: “Lowlife” and the Reconnaissance Marines of 1st Recon Battalion this day in Afghanistan – Aiga!

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

    -Blue Collar 6.

  • Thank you, all of you. And thank you, again.

    Would that this were a world where sailors and Marines did nothing else this holiday season but deliver comfort and goodwill. Sadly, this world is not that world, but a dangerous one where lagoons of peace and plenty can be washed away by storms of strife and panic.

    Louis Pasteur said, “Chance favors the prepared mind”; if Americans have been lucky among nations it is because some brave Americans have kept the odds in our favor.

    And a third time, thank you.