By now, everyone in the Navy community should be up to speed on what is going on with the Commanding Officer of the USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65). I am not going to go into play-by-play details of the video, discuss the nature of TACAIR culture, or opine one way or the other. If you want background and opinion, I would invite you to visit Galrahn, Lex, or my homeblog for that.

No, there are much larger issues at play here – and they have everything to do with time, place, and personnel.

Before CAPT Honors was CO of ENTERPRISE, he was CO of the USS MOUNT WHITNEY (LCC-20) after his stint as “Big XO” of the “Big E” when these videos were taken. That was over four years ago. His prior Command tour was with VF-211. You can review his full bio here if you want.

CAPT Honors is not new to Command. He is a known quantity in style, intelligence, and temperament. One board can miss something – but multiple boards usually do not. All this is in the open – especially on a Carrier that is thick with COs from squadrons, ships and CAG/DCAG – not to mention STRIKE GROUP Staffs loaded with post-Command CDR and CAPT.

Surface and Sub Commanding Officers can hide issues if sly – in aviation, nosomuch.

As “Big XO,” his videos and the nature of his videos were not a secret. Not to his Shipmates from E-1 to O-8. Anyone who has deployed on a CV/CVN knows this.

That is the issue.

Let’s not tell each other small untruths on this. Don’t insult each other’s intelligence and don’t insult the taxpayer.

While the videos were made, the Commander of the ENTERPRISE STRIKE GROUP was Rear Admiral Ray Spicer, USN (UPDATE: other sources have it as VADM Daniel Halloway, USN. Perhaps an and/or – but not critical to the story). CAPT Honor’s Commanding officer was Rear Admiral Lawrence Rice, USN (Ret.). Again – just to be clear – nothing on these videos were unknown to the STRIKE GROUP Commander (embarked ENTERPRISE) or the Commanding Officer. I make a declaritive statement such as that because I have been deployed on Carriers and I can also declare that water is wet. If I am wrong … then … well … wow.

Moving on; after a day of churning through the news cycle – MSNBC is reporting this;

The Navy officer who aired lewd videos for crew of an aircraft carrier will be temporarily relieved of his command as early as Tuesday, Navy sources told NBC News on Monday.

Capt. Owen Honors commands the USS Enterprise and produced the videos while second in command aboard the aircraft carrier.
He is to be relieved while the Navy investigates the incident.

There can only be three answers by the Navy concerning these videos. “We” refers to the Flag Officer Community that leads our Navy – just to be clear.

1. We had no idea.
2. We knew and didn’t care.
3. We disaproved, counseled our Shipmate, corrective action taken with remediation, and we moved forward.

At the start of the weekend, the official Navy reaction was sound, logical, and pointed towards what makes sense – #3.

The Navy released a written statement late Friday in response to The Pilot’s inquiries.

“The videos created onboard USS Enterprise in 2006-2007 were not created with the intent to offend anyone,” the statement said. “The videos were intended to be humorous skits focusing the crew’s attention on specific issues such as port visits, traffic safety, water conservation, ship cleanliness, etc.”

That is why over the weekend I didn’t post on it at my homeblog at all until Sunday night. Something changed since Friday – something that violates a good truism – go with your first instincts. Navy went PAO-wobbly and this went viral.

For reasons best known to senior leadership, we now find ourselves looking at #1 or #2. As we know that #1 is an impossibility – that leads to #2.

Really? No – not in the Navy of 2010. I don’t buy #2 either. Well, wait – a 5% chance. I’ll give you 5%.

That brings us back to #3 – which is greatest problem of all if we are now going to take CAPT Honor from Command. If it were #1 we could all just facepalm and call stupid. If it were #2 or #3 then we don’t have stupid – we have malice and betrayal by an officer’s Chain of Command.

It is the height of moral corruption to tell someone what they are doing is OK one day, and then the next – to protect yourself – act as if it were horrible. It is just as morally corrupt to reprimand a person, provide corrective action, accept remediation – and then at a later date punish him again for the same act only harder; submit that person to double jeopardy for your own self-preservation.

That last paragraph isn’t what is going on here, is it? If it isn’t – and it can’t be #1; then what is it?

By our actions, what are we teaching tomorrow’s leaders? Many of us saw what the bloodbath of self-preservation and bonfire of the innocents that took place after Tailhook did to trust between junior and senior officers. The culture of cynicism and mistrust that it begat continues to cloud our relationships.

Is that where we are going – really?

As the “Big E” gets ready to deploy and if she goes without CAPT Honors – good people can disagree if he is a problem or not. Either way though, we in the Navy have a larger one to deal with.

1, 2, or 3 – take your pick.

UPDATE: Via WAVY, CFFC Admiral Harvey has announced CAPT Honors’ relief,

A few minutes ago, I permanently relieved Capt. Owen Honors of his duties as commanding officer of USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) for demonstrating exceptionally poor judgment while serving as executive officer of that ship, from 2006-2007.

While Capt. Honors’ performance as commanding officer of ENTERPRISE has been without incident, his profound lack of good judgment and professionalism while previously serving as executive officer in ENTERPRISE calls into question his character and undermines his credibility to continue to serve effectively in command.After personally reviewing the videos Capt. Honors created while serving as executive officer, I have lost confidence in his ability to lead effectively, and he is being held accountable for the poor judgment and inappropriate actions repeatedly demonstrated in those videos.

It is fact that as naval officers we are held to a higher standard. Those in command must exemplify the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment which we expect our Sailors to embrace. Our leaders must be above reproach and our Sailors deserve nothing less.Capt. Dee Mewbourne will be permanently assigned as the new commanding officer of ENTERPRISE. Capt. Mewbourne most recently commanded USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) and while in command he completed two successful combat deployments supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Capt. Mewbourne is currently serving as the Chief of Staff for Navy Cyber Forces – he will assume command of ENTERPRISE later this afternoon.

See above.

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  • Redeye80

    BZ CDR, well said.

    “It is the height of moral corruption to tell someone what they are doing is OK one day, and then the next – to protect yourself – act as if it were horrible. It is just as morally corrupt to reprimand a person, provide corrective action, accept remediation – and then at a later date punish him again for the same act only harder; submit that person to double jeopardy for your own self-preservation.”

    The perfect definition of the Flag Officer Protective Association Modus Operandi as well documented in the post-Tailhook Navy.

    But at least one group is happy and those in the diversity industry knows that is all that counts.

    Remember that warfighting stuff is secondary.

  • Eagle1

    Tailhook deja vu all over again?

    I wish the concern was as great over having suficient numbers of capable ships and aircraft as it is over stuff like this.

  • Sufficient.

  • CPT Joe

    The Flags are saying, “OMG! The Republican Congress critters are gonna barbeque us again, not only for the LCS mess, but also for this airdale Tailhook II sex mess. Which way to the exits?”

    There should be one additional choice for the Flags

    4. We knew and approved of the tapes. They provided a good tension relief during difficult times four years ago in a different Navy. However, the climate has changed with DADT being repealed and several gender diversity programs that now make up our Navy and they preclude such humor in a Navy with much tighter sphincters.

  • jack osborne

    well, not having, or wanting , to see the videos, I simply ask if they were as bad as anything shown over TV or Cable.

    I suspect not!

    But political correctness is political correctness, and must be considered, I guess.

  • Rich

    If your argument holds true what actions were actally taken to educate and or penilize the Capt. prior to being advanced in the ranks? I haven’t heard that anything was done. Your assumption that it was delt with was not substantiated in your post. Have there been criminal charges brought? Has the Statute of Limitations expired if criminal charges were not brought; and if so what was the outcome? What scientific basis are you quoting when you claim that option #2 is only a 5% chance? As a person holding the highest rank on a Naval Vessal don’t you thing they should be held to the highest standard? Is a message of ignorance (at the very least) or Hate (at the worst)an appropriate message for a person of the highest authority on a Naval ship to send to their subordnates? Keep in mind Double Jepordy ONLY exists if criminal charges have mbeen brought to resolution.

    I ask these questions honestly as I havn’t seen or heard that this was ever resolved either in a criminal case or not. I’m not saying you’re wrong, or that you shouldn’t be able to believe whatever you want, I only seek the information you base your opinion on. There is definately a problem, so let’s identify it. Is the problem the tapes, is it a scared administration worried now that they attempted to sweep something under the rug and are trying the cover their behinds, or is it both? Sir Capt. did something way out of line and actionable (breaking US Law), there is now an “assuption” that is was not appropiately dealt with. I think the public has a right to know how it was dealt with. And how all of our service men and women can expect to be treated in in future in our armed forces as we progress to a post DADT military.
    Thanks and I look forward to your answer to these questions..


    Great analysis. BZ! I would add another option since I believe CPT Joe’s option is in reality a version of 3.

    4. We disaproved, counseled our Shipmate, improper corrective action was taken, and we moved forward.

    For illustration of what my option 4. is (I realize it is an extreme example and is intentionally so): Say an individual changes the man overboard roster sheet deleting SN Jones from the roster. Then same individual pushes SN Jones over the side on a dark night and fails to report man overboard. An appropriate response would not be to provide remedial training in man overboard procedures and counsel the individual over the importance of having an accurate roster. If it was later found out by someone, say CFFC, that something along the lines outlined above had occured, they would not be in any way out of line to order an investigation and take appropriate action if the allegations were found to be true. Since as I understand it, Fleet Forces Command is initiating the investigation, I can believe Option 1 is an option for CFFC and their action is not “malice and betrayal by an officer’s Chain of Command”.

    But then we have another problem which is far bigger than the alleged offense. Senior personel who do not have the ability to recognize or willingness to enforce standards, or worse, the ability to recognize standards but selective enforcement of those standards.

    So if (I have no opinion and can truthfully say I have neither seen the videos or know anything more than what is in the newspaper) the answer is, in fact, number 4, that the remedial action deemed appropriate was in fact not appropriate, and the offense was so bad as to warrant removal from command 4 years after the fact, then the only option that would make sense, after the fact, is to take appropriate action against all personnel senior to the individual in the chain of command who were aware of the transgression and agreed with the remedial action at the time.

    In this case, at the very minimum, it should include appropriate action against the CSG Commander and the, then, CO of the ENTERPRISE. And it should be done in the same public format that any relief from command is done in.

    If the transgression clearly warrants removal from command, how big of a transgression is it to be unaware of the magnitude of the transgression or to know how bad it is and take insufficient action at the time?


    I suspect that a post over at Commander Salamander’s is correct, at least in part. That a male must be sacrificed, to even the score after the firing of Captain McGraf. The videos were silly, and not exactly Monty Python quality, but surely no worse than The Simpsons, SNL, or Family Guy. This is an exercize by the Progressives, and thier protected classes to make us know that they are the Pigs of the USN, and therefore are more equal than the rest of us. What have we come to, when people believe that they have the right to not be offended, to the point that people feel they cannot do or say anything? What have we come to? Can it be that we have lost, and America is over, and with it, freedom is doomed to death? Because assureadly, the people that are after Captain Honor, will not be happy, until they are the final arbitors over what people can say, do, or think.

  • Commander Salamander,
    The Navy is somewhat schizophrenic on behavior issues. I think the answer is all three at the same time:

    1. We had no idea.
    2. We knew and didn’t care.
    3. We disapproved, counseled our Shipmate, corrective action taken with remediation, and we moved forward.

    And, because the answer is all three, we find ourselves where we are today – DAZED and CONFUSED.

  • Sam Kotlin

    Honors’ conduct as XO has harmed my navy. For that, no forgiveness. And if someone earlier gave him a bye, none for that fool either.

  • sid

    I’ll ponder the same here too.

    1. Why didn’t he use his Goat Locker to put this word out?

    2. Why didn’t his Goat Locker -or at leas the CMC- go to the XO and say there is a better way to do this?

    3. What E-2 wants to see the XO talking about choking chickens?

  • Mike & Sid speak with big medicine.

  • Navy Suppo

    Sid nails it…the exact same content coming from the goat locker is a complete non-issue or never gets 24-7 press coverage 4 years later.

  • Byron

    And the Direktorate scores another one: CAPT. Honor will be relieved.;contentBody

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    The first head above the city gate. How very traditional.

    Soon enough the carts will be on a regular run to the guillotine.

    Then the Committee of Public Safety will start eating each other.

    Metaphorically speaking, of course.

    Aren’t the Byzantine palace wars of decline interesting? This is just the beginning. Meanwhile, back at the fleet, warfighting capability leaches slowly away…

  • Michael Antoniewicz II

    ‘The MSM Strikes Back’, aka it was a slow News Weekend and we needed something to harp on, and hey, it’s the Military! Two birds with one stone!!

  • IntelPogue

    Well said Cdr S… it makes me sick to know that this is the Navy I am a part of today. Wouldn’t it be great if ADM Harvey (or the like) came out and screamed, “This isn’t the Boyscouts, this isn’t the Fellowship of Christian Atheletes, this is the United States Navy!!! Get over it!!!” If only.

  • JHud

    Leadership is about performance and achieving success, right? How well did the Big ‘E’ perform during this time? How was morale? How did the crew perform on tasks and inspections? Was there an increase or decrease in crew behavior issues as compared to other carriers? Call me crazy, but there might be a positive link between high morale and high performance. I’m sure we have the data. BTW and FWIW, CAPT Honors has several FB pages popping up in support with thousands of members already. I found one anti-Honors group with less than 200 people. I searched, but I couldn’t find any support groups for CAPT Graf.

  • sid

    “Aren’t the Byzantine palace wars of decline interesting? This is just the beginning. Meanwhile, back at the fleet, warfighting capability leaches slowly away…”

    No worries…

    It can be outsourced.

    Remember, the job of the navy is NOT to fight Grandpa.

    “The purpose of the Navy,” Vice Admiral John Bird, commander of the Seventh Fleet, tells me, “is not to fight.” The mere presence of the Navy should suffice, he argues, to dissuade any attack or attempt to destabilize the region.

    Whats that about resting on your laurels?

  • This is just the latest in a long line of idiotic over-reaction by people who have no idea what is going on, stick their head someplace and are shocked to see what they do.

    This reminds me of the day the PC police ran around the USMMA demanding that all pinups and all photos of girlfriends be removed from sign, even from a midshipman’s desk because Midshipman living spaces were deemed to be part of Dept. of Transportation Workspaces and as such there could not be any possibility of offending a wayward person who might accidentally find themselves in the living spaces and walk past the wrong door and be offended by a photo of someone’s girlfriend.

    Unfortunately, the only way I can think of cooling off these PC warriors is to put their homes through a similar inspection. And maybe then, only then might these people get a sliver of an idea that serving is liking being at work 24/7. And when they comment that nobody would volunteer to be under such scrutiny, that they be kindly reminded that Activity Duty personnel do.

    I thought the video I saw was funny. If there was something wrong with his videos, this would have come out the day they were aired. And despite there being the disclaimer that the Captain and Admiral knew nothing of the content in advance, they certainly knew afterwords and if there was nothing done, aren’t they guilty too? No, I am not looking for more heads to stick on a pike. But maybe they should speak up that it was their responsibility to take action, if action was needed, and they did not see a need. By my reasoning then, the person on the hot seat should not be the current target but his then superiors.

    So, anyone up to inspect some offices on Congressional Hill?

  • sid

    One thing that all have kinda forgotten about is the timeframe when these videos were made…

    This was during the period that NUMA NUMA youtube was the fad, so its understandable why he thought this was an acceptable venue, and that the act was “ok”.

    So…The REAL story is the “Rest of The Story”.

    Why is this suddenly so important…NOW?

    And, if his bosses were aware of these videos and put a stop to it…why is there not a full clearing of how it was handled?

    Lastly…to Galrahns’s excellent point about the USN’s fumbling of this latest infoskirmish….

    Why not get get some prominent mention of how tough life is in a navy stretched to its limits keeping geriatric ships alive…

    Why notr get that PBS series about the carrier on deployment back in the media’s face?

  • The CVN 65 will possibly be deployed on a war patrol given the strains in the NW Pacific. An experienced CO is requied and the current CO should not be relieved. But, CAPT Honors will probably be relieved if wiser heads do not prevail. I predict the Navy will soon have a designator for those who are not 100% heterosexual and initiate an EEO/AA program for them as if they were a protected minority. I retired from another Federal agency some time ago and that agency had a defacto EEO/AA policy for those not 100% heterosexual. I worked a form of contracting (patent licensing/cooperative agreements/grants)and it got to the point where I had to ask my superiors the sexual preference of those with whom we desired to enter into a contractual relationship. The question was not answered.

  • Lawrence D. Farrington

    Here’s my take on this miscarriage of justice:

    It’s a sad day when the ‘Defense Dept’ abruptly halts the career of a great warrior and leader over some breach of today’s excessively ‘politically correct’ code of conduct. I hope the captain will step up and take on those who would hypocritically and maliciously attempt to weaken our country’s defense by emasculating our sorely needed leaders in our first line of defense.

    The alleged ‘offense’ happened 5 or 6 years ago and is only now surfacing. Today’s ‘standards’ are being applied to old behavioral norms. This smacks of ‘ex post facto’ to me—today’s norms and ‘laws’ being applied to yesterday’s behavior. Something here stinks.

    To those who are concerned over such minutia as ‘feelings’, ‘understanding,’ ‘sensitivity’, ‘kinder/gentler’, ‘diversity concerned’ and other such manifestations of weakness, hand-wringing, and whining have no place in today’s and tomorrow’s warrior community. So, you people who imagine you are offended by these comments, learn to suck it up and get on board with a nation at war or get out of the way.


  • Smiley1081

    “Men sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

    A lot of people in the West is forgetting that.

    Take care…


    January 3 at 4:48pm
    29 years and 6 months ago I joined the most powerful, the most feared and the most respected organization in the WORLD known as the United States Navy.
    Soon, another example of the wussification of America will make the headlines of our media. Yet another Career Sailor will lose his job in a very public way.
    We Americans have lost the willingness to laugh at ourselves and laugh at others for fear of embarrassing or hurting someone’s feelings. If you are offended by the content of this video, I ask you to look yourself in the mirror and say OUT LOUD what was offensive to YOU. Not what others may be offended by but what offended you personally.See More

  • ACE OF SPADES Blog has the killer comment on this issue:

    ‘Obama calls the Eagles to congratulate them on giving dog killer Michael Vick a second chance but now his Navy commanders are going to trash the career of a decorated hero over some videos?

    Hurt feelings and political correctness trump decades of honorable service and readiness for war.’

  • Dudes99

    Meet the next CO of USS Enterprise:

    CAPT Dee L. Mewbourne, USN
    Chief of Staff
    Navy Cyber Forces

    I don’t beleive CAPT Honors will be back, sad……

  • Tom

    All’s I can say is that I’m glad I retired and no longer have to serve under such gutless “leadership” as those currently running the show. Tail firmly between legs, full steam ahead for political correctness, the heck with the Fleet.

    In the good old days, the old Jim Webb would be penning another “Silence of the Admirals” article for Proceedings.

  • virgil xenophon

    Well I’m ex-Air Force and we have our own”suck fator” cross (e) to bear, but I wonder if the weasel big kids at Flag Plot and in the JCS are reading these comments here and on the other mil blogs and wondering about the fact they are losing the hearts & minds of their best, most experienced warfighters and distinguished alums whose support they are otherwise continually courting. Sadly, they probably don’t care. Truth to tell, the AfPk thing is viewed as a small-potatoes non-threatening thing in terms of America’s very existence and seen as not worth their careers by the careerist big kids. And the oxygen that feeds the flames of worship at the alter of multi-culti PC comes from the same source that during the entire cold war USAFE never hardened their hangers nor camouflaged their bases in either on either the Continent or in the UK until half-heartedly very late at the end; the belief that a major war would/will never break out between the major powers as everyone has too much to lose. Seen in this light who indeed would risk their careers standing up to powerful politically protected pressure groups and the zeitgeist of the times for something so unlikely to ever be seriously needed like combat effectiveness. Did not the Super of the Naval academy say that “Diversity” NOT merit, learned skills or combat effectiveness is the #1 priority at the Naval Academy. Did not the Chief of Staff of the Army publicly state that it would be tragic if the murder of 13 of the troops under his command by a Muslim fanatic in the name of Islam caused harmed the Army’s Diversity program? The PC multi-culty word is out. The big kid weasels have whetted their fingers and tested the cultural winds. Foolishly thinking there lacks a true existential threat to the nation, ANYBODY and EVERYBODY from the unprotected classes (read: White hetero males exclusively) will unhesitatingly be thrown under the PC bus. Lets look at the odds from the big kids pov: Chances of a major war next month?: 100% There are no “honors” to be garnered in the Palace Politics PC wars defending Capt Honors–only a very predictable down-side. “Risk my childrens college education fund and my retirement pay? And those camp-fires burning in the distance? They are a very long way away, are they not? Besides, I’ll be retired and on the greens at Sarasota before anything comes of that..”

  • virgil xenophon

    ** should read: ..”chances of a major war next month? 100%..”

  • virgil xenophon

    Very sorry, again: ” …major war? Less than Zero. Chances of having their careers ruined backing Capt Homors? One Hundred per-cent.”

  • Depressing. The snippets of the videos appear a little raunchy, but certainly no raunchier than movies that would have been shown on Enterprise (with sailors who have memorized the time stops for each “interesting” moment) and here was an XO who was trying to be funny and relate to his sailors. Will the next officer burned by these people be burned for something that happened 20 years ago? Or by what they said to a buddy after a few too many beers on their first liberty? Or by something they posted on Facebook before they enrolled in the Naval Academy?

  • FDNF’er

    I mentioned this at CDR Salamander’s, but I think it is worth repeating…
    A friend of mine was a supply officer on the Enterprise on the 06-07 cruise. One of her responsibilities was to escort the VIPs when they came on board. The CNO was one of her DVs and he settled in one night with the wardroom to watch XO’s movie night. My friend volunteered to play a role in one of the skits that CAPT Honors put together. The CNO watched the entire movie night – XO’s intro and movie. He laughed at the skit and stayed for the entire movie.
    This Admiral is either the current CNO or his boss. If we want to expose the Navy’s dirty laundry to the world, then we should let people realize that this “problem” goes directly to the top. Why did the CNO allow this 4-5 years ago and only comment on it now? Has the CNO’s standards changed since then? Shouldn’t the CNO be held to the same standard as his subordinates (if not a higher standard)?

  • Paul

    How did the video suddenly come to light?

    Who posted it? Who released it?

    Who’s agenda is it promoting? Someone cut it loose with a specific mission targeting him as a person. Disgruntled subordinate perhaps?

    At what point do we decide that stuff that we may have did a few years ago may have been perhaps ill-advised, or perhaps even not best judgment but certainly not crucifying someone over?

    Don’t look at my college yearbook– I’d never get a job. Sad part of it is every candid in there was from ONE night (but it was a good one, or so I was told– the details are a bit fuzzy…)

  • Matt Yankee

    I was at the Alamo yesterday…

    Captain Honors should draw a line in the sand in the culture war and defend himself and the soul of the Navy to the bitter end.

    Officers who find themselves in this type of position should resign and then fight…walking away and letting them move on to the next sacrificial lamb is exactly what they want. Shine the light of truth and watch them scatter.

  • Navy Wife

    My husband is a Naval Officer who was in flight school when the Tailhook scandal broke. When we watched the video, my husband said the biggest problem that he saw immediately was that the XO thought it was a bright idea to put two subordinate female sailors together in a shower and refer to them as “chicks”.

    As a teacher who has also managed people in the corporate world, my jaw was on the ground and my overwhelming thought was “WHAT WAS THIS GUY THINKING???” over…and over…and over… Later, I wondered — who was in charge of this guy and why didn’t someone — anyone — shut this down immediately and with an equally long and detailed video retraction.

    I imagine that there are a lot of spouses wondering what in the hell goes on while those ships are at sea and THAT is a problem. Well, the whole civilian population watching the nightly news is also wondering. Not to mention PARENTS who trust the Navy to take care of their children when they enlist. I can just hear it, “I encouraged my daughter to enlist in the Navy to gain skills and earn money for college and she’s one of the XO’s “chicks in the shower”???

    This thing is like an onion of ugliness w/ layer upon layer, but I just keep coming back to the image of the stereotypical pre-tailhook jet jock that lives in some kind of narcissistic bubble thinking he’s the coolest kid and above all the rules; because, what I saw, wasn’t even FUNNY. And, personally, I enjoy funny and inappropriate humor as much as anybody — I just don’t want the stars of Jackass or Borat as my boss or my husband’s, and I sure as heck wouldn’t tolerate them as my subordinates. Leave the hiring of comedians to the USO.

  • Byron

    Ma’am, children do not join the Navy; adults do

  • Redeye80

    To Navy Wife:

    It wasn’t meant for you and as Byron stated, adults join the military not children. We are a nation at war with gutless leaders in charge.

    Let’s continue to investigate the former CNO to confirm his viewing of the questionable videos. While we are at let’s fire all those who went to Tailhook as well. Or even laughed at a joke in squadron spaces. Ask your husband if he every heard a joke that was little risque? Did he do anything about? May he should be fired as well!

  • Jack Tar

    Some years ago, when he was First Lord of the Admiralty, an oversensitive type complained to Winston Churchill that an instance of minor misconduct undermined the traditions of the Royal Navy. Churchill, sizing up the reporter and the picayune nature of the complaint, reportedly bellowed that the traditions of the Royal Navy included “rum, sodomy, and the lash!”
    On the whole, I think Capt. Honors was trying to maintain the morale of the 5000 or so under his command, who were charged with flawlessly performing many hazardous duties daily during deployments lasting many months.
    If the current Navy leadership had any sense or honor, they would tell those who are now complaining of Capt. Honors conduct that, “While we do not approve of CDR Honors’ actions, we want to party with him and his crew.”

  • SwitchBlade

    I spent 24 years in the Navy and I know that the videos were inappropriate. Yes, it’s PC; yes, it’s 4 years late; and apparently the aviators were in charge instead of adults – imagine that on a carrier!

    “Surface and Sub Commanding Officers can hide issues if sly – in aviation, nosomuch.” Really? Even if this is true, it is exhibit one for why it was bad judgment. And it did take 4 years to make it to the public.

    But what is more interesting is what I took from many of these comments that it’s no worse than “fill-in-the-blank”. So, that is how we judge the acceptability of our Captains now? They just have to have the judgment of a writer on the Simpson’s. Will Ferrel is our ideal XO type for training and motivation the crew?

    And, Sorry Byron, Navy Wife has it right – you may not have a wife, but even you are some mother’s child.

    What will never be known is how many of the crew WERE offended by these videos and avoided the much cherished XO time because of his inappropriate and sophomoric skits.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    “Leave the hiring of comedians to the USO.” Sure thing. If we can keep the gutless, pandering politicians in Congress and out of the uniform of United States Navy Admirals.

    SwitchBlade, lighten up. He had a very successful record of supporting combat operations for two tours. If that isn’t enough to set your mind at ease about his judgment for a dopey and off-color video FOUR YEARS AGO, what is?

    “An’ it all went into the laundry,
    But it never came out in the wash.
    We were sugared about by the old men
    (Panicky, perishin’ old men)
    That ‘amper an’ ‘inder an’ scold men
    For fear o’ Stellenbosch!”

  • Dudes99

    How hard it must have been for “adm” Harvey to do this thinking back on the things he has done in his own career, SAD. Everyone has a past and to overly discipline this CAPT due to this is BS. I have heard alot this week about respect or rather how could you respect someone that did this, hell because of that I do not even know the guy and he has mine.

    CNO/CFFC and anyone that is a shellback/bluenose and have participated in said events need to render their resignations if this is what qualifies for a releivable event.


  • Jay

    If I heard correctly on tonight’s news – ADM Harvey mentioned relieving CAPT Honors would not be the final action. While some of the folks who served with and under CAPT Honors (and other interested observers) claim that he is a scapegoat here, and he does appear to have had a stellar record and career, when I watched those videos – I wondered why an XO (any XO, not just a CAPT) would have routinely made a fool out of himself. I understand blowing off steam once in a while (occasional skit nights, etc.), but I am at a loss to come up with a good reason for this. I don’t recall any of the XOs I served under, or have served with (or that I have observed) needing or trying to be funny to connect with the junior sailors, for morale or training purposes.

    This is a damn shame, for the Navy, and for CAPT Honors.

    Would I have made the same videos? Nope. I wonder how many XOs and COs (current and former), especially on our larger ships/major commands, thought the same thing after reviewing the videos.

  • jwithington

    A little confused about your thoughts on this one CDR. There was considerable outrage over the Severn Sitrep (, which featured 2 midshipmen talking and flashing a stomach at the camera. Now there’s a call to arms when the creator of a MUCH raunchier, cruder video gets in trouble?

    Why do these series of videos, created and distributed by a Navy Captain, pale in comparison to a 3 min rambling of 2 bored midshipmen.

  • Jay

    ENS W – the force is strong in you, Young Jedi… 🙂

    As to the “video gate…Gay Military Agenda” post, what rubbish. Dollars to donuts, this was a navy hotline call. Timing of same does appear late.

  • JW,
    Place, position, context, and target audience. Apples and potatoes.

    You can also add that this video was not made for public consumption. It was made for shipmates within the skin of the ship.

    Also, I would direct you to the official USN reaction last Friday;

    “The videos created onboard USS Enterprise in 2006-2007 were not created with the intent to offend anyone,” the statement said. “The videos were intended to be humorous skits focusing the crew’s attention on specific issues such as port visits, traffic safety, water conservation, ship cleanliness, etc.”

    In any event – this story is way past CAPT Honors. Re-read the post above.

  • Jim

    To the question “What was that XO thinking?”, there are three possible answers:

    1. “It never occurred to me that the videos would be considered offensive or cause a massive PR problem for the Navy if they ever became public.”

    2. “Someone needs to stand up to the PC mindset that is killing the military’s unique culture, and I am just the man to do it. If they want to make me a martyr over this, bring it on.”

    3. “A good XO makes plain vanilla motivational videos – a great one pushes the envelope. I know just how far I can go without getting fired, and considering that no one else has all the tickets punched to command this boat, I can go pretty damn far.”

    Take your pick.

  • FDNF,
    CAPT Honors left Big E as XO in JUL07. The present CNO visited Big E on OCT07.

  • Redeye80

    I think everyone is asking if Adm Mullen, as CNO, visited USS Enterprise during the period cover by CAPT Honors.

  • Redeye80

    Funny, the official USS Enterprise page will not let you search for Adm Mullen. Funny indeed.

  • EtTu

    Perhaps it’s time someone establishes a site such as ‘Admirals behaving badly’; at least until we’re back to more warships than flag officers.

  • Steve

    “Warfighting comes first!” was the rallying cry of those clamoring for segregation of the military in the 1940s, as if the two are mutually exclusive. For sure, leadership was culpable for having no problem with these videos (or not enough of a problem with it) 3-4 years ago and then acting on it only after it hit the media, but the fact of the matter is a senior officer on a Navy aircraft carrier exercised unbelievably poor judgment and undoubtedly offended a lot of people who were afraid to speak up. You can whine all you want about the liberals and the PC and all that bullsh** ruining your fun, but the fact of the matter is that telling gay and female warfighters that they should just “get over” being treated as second-class sailors smacks of intellectual cowardice and harms our nation in the long run.

  • Eagle 1

    Could this be part of the diversity that Admiral Roughhead has inspired, or is it part of the slippery slope that the Navy has been heading to with some of the politically inspired officers?

  • NavyDave

    Having recently commanded an air wing, I’m a bit surprised by all of the opinions that this is a case of political correctness run amok. Fact is, there are multiple failures of judgment which should be addressed here.

    Honors crossed a line and as a result embarrassed the United States Navy (our Navy). In doing so, even though it was several years ago while XO instead of while in command, it reflects poorly on the judgment of a senior officer in charge of the lives, morale and warfighting potential of our finest young men and women. Having also done time on carriers over the past 25 years, I’ve got to say I saw some very funny and non-PC stuff at the follies and on ship’s TV. Never did I see, however, one of our senior leaders (read Navy Captain) act like a JO in these. All of us who have commanded at the O-5 level (and certainly those of us who have commanded at the O-6 level) realize, or should realize, that the JOs and Sailors will go beyond whatever example you set as the limit of acceptable behavior. So if this is OK for an O-6, it implies much raunchier and lewd behavior is OK for an O-3. I don’t know what the consequences of his actions were when he was XO, nor how appropriate, but all of us who wear the mantle of command know that if you get in a position like this where your actions reflect badly on the Navy, it is generally going to result in you being removed from command. It’s not fair, it’s command.

    Mander is right in that it is impossible for the Enterprise CO and Strike Group Commander at the time to not have known (and seen) the video. When the Big XO or any other Navy Captain on board the carrier makes the effort to improve morale by actually participating in either the follies or a video, it is an EVENT. I still remember a current 4-star who was CO of the carrier I served on who partnered with CAG to make a hilarious video when I was a JO. I also, however, remember that there wasn’t a single word or act that was over the top in any way. It was a play on CAG trying to get his CDO underway qual and not knowing anything except airplane stuff. It touched our funny bones, we all had a great laugh at a great leader’s expense but, most importantly, we all had a good leadership example that you could be funny, improve morale and earn your crew’s respect without having to act like a frat boy.

    But back to the judgment question, there must have been some poor judgment by the CO and admiral at the time who allowed this to be aired, or, who didn’t know it was going to be aired by the XO and had allowed an environment exist where the XO thought it would be OK. I don’t know what the consequences for them should be, but they too were in Command.

    Lastly, I sure hope our collective judgment isn’t that we can’t be a warrior culture without also being sophomoric in our example as senior leaders. One is not a condition of the other. Fact is, I’m a tough guy who preaches to my subordinates (and personally believe) that the enemies of the United States who can’t be deterred must be killed. I want the American People to know in their heart of hearts that we are the ones who they want standing in their defense. Nearly as important, however, is that we engender the trust of the American People required for them to arm us so we can stand in their defense. Arming us implies they trust us with both the national treasure as well as our most precious national resource; their sons and daughters. I would also note here that I agree with Navy Wife. As the father of a young Marine 2nd LT, I still view him as my child (always will) and his mother and I only encouraged him to join based on our personal experience and faith in Marine Corps leadership.

    I’ll close my note (hopefully not viewed as too much of a rant) with what I have preached to those under my command (specifically junior officer aviators) as the priorities they should pursue during their careers:

    1. Mission accomplishment. Nothing is more important. Maneuver to the objective!

    2. Take care of each other. That’s what makes us different. As leaders we must recognize that not only are we responsible for the very lives of the young men and women assigned to us, we are responsible for their morale and for them achieving their potential.

    3. Always reflect positively on the Armed Forces of the United States…in everything you say and in everything you do.

    Pretty simple stuff, but, simple seems to work in our profession.

  • UltimaRatioReg


    Don’t p*ss on me and tell me it’s raining.

    We have other “simple stuff” that goes even beyond our profession. A big one is that you cannot be punished twice for the same offense. Another is being responsible for one’s actions.

    If the counseling and action taken by then-CDR Honor’s seniors was insufficient, that is not CAPT Honor’s fault. Where are his seniors, and their voices in informing the Navy and the public that then-CDR Honor was counseled as to the inappropriate nature of that video, and of his actions?

    The timing of this action, the “inquiry” and relief of CAPT Honor is also highly suspicious, in that it coincides with what many perceive as an entirely excessive effort on the part of military leaders, particularly those of the Navy, to curry favor with special interest groups, advocacy groups, and activists. Many of whom have little regard for the Armed Services, and have had much to say on that subject.

    If your son, as an Officer of Marines, is egregiously offended by a video such as this, he will be in no way prepared for what he might see on a distant battlefield. I do pray that is not the case.

  • NavyDave

    No intent to tell anyone it’s raining, URR, and I certainly don’t think it OK to punish someone twice for the same offense. I don’t know if there was any punishment originally but that’s really not at issue here. Nor is the potential (but unlikely in my opinion) conspiracy to use this relief of command as a way to curry favor with some special interest group. If this video reflects poorly on the Navy and our shipboard culture, and I think it does, than it sucks to be the guy in the video, especially if your so senior (commander or captain). Though I wasn’t personally offended (nor would my Marine son be), I am embarrassed by this video as it reflects on all of us in the Navy. I also reject the notion that somehow only those who think this video is not offensive are capable of dealing with the hard realities of the battlefield. Apples and potatoes as Mander likes to say.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    “I don’t know if there was any punishment originally but that’s really not at issue here. Nor is the potential (but unlikely in my opinion) conspiracy to use this relief of command as a way to curry favor with some special interest group.”

    Like hell it isn’t the issue. That is precisely the issue. How is it a relief offense now, if it wasn’t then? What has changed?

    The video is stupid. It is embarrassing. But it isn’t malicious. The way that senior Navy leadership has handled the incident is indeed malicious. And those who think this type of issue requires this much command attention instead of a statement that says “He had been counseled and desisted in his behavior, and (oh, by the way) has had exceptional performance in support of combat operations since” are not fit to lead anywhere near battle. Me, your son, or any of those magnificent junior Marines who deserve our trust.

  • NavyDave

    OK. An honest difference of opinion. Having commanded at the O-6 level, however, I wouldn’t have been surprised to be relieved had something like this turned up from my O-5 command or post-command tours. I wouldn’t have been surprised because, like it or not, we have lived in an environment since 1991 where this kind of thing quickly results in COs being removed from command or worse. As you have done, it can be rationally argued that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, particularly in light of what were certainly his good intentions in raising the ship’s morale in this case. Every CO knows, however, that command is predicated on the absolute trust and confidence of your superiors and, fair or not, will be stripped away if anything tarnishes that trust and confidence. Perhaps the senior Navy leadership could have/should have issued the statement you suggest. I don’t know enough about their deliberations to say. But that outcome would certainly have been a surprise. I guess this is fair warning (again) for those who would command in this Navy.

  • UltimaRatioReg


    I can certainly respect the difference of opinion. The concern that many are voicing here and elsewhere is that Special Trust and Confidence is a two-way street. And in fact may be more important from the folks looking up. This episode will do nothing to help the very climate you allude to.

    How does it affect war fighting? If I am given a difficult mission, say, one where I may have to engage an enemy who is engaging me in a crowded city block, I can either risk civilian casualties that will reflect negatively upon the political landscape, or I can risk the lives of my Marines, which will result directly in a loss of confidence in me as a leader.

    But if I (and my Marines) think that my seniors will leave me swinging in the wind either way, it isn’t difficult to understand that the morale of my Marines (and me, though I cannot show it) will be somewhat less than optimal going into the fight. Or the next one.

  • anonomous active duty Navy Captain

    Navy wife above is right, whether the rest of us like it or not. It it not the job of the XO to be the ship’s morale booster. He, if anything, should be the irritating person people don’t like to have around because he brings stern words, corrrective guidance and a jab in the rear to get yourself moving and do what the CO told you to this morning( figuratively speaking ).

    My Navy wife analyzed it correctly this AM for me. People like Capt Honors have been told by superiors and peers for most of their careers that they are hot shots and destined for greatness. I am sure Capt Honors was a hot shot and destined for greatness. No criticism of him intended with this characterization.

    The thing that failed Capt Honors and led to his downfall was that he believed what he was hearing, and lost track of the fact that he still had to adhere to social norms and was not required to exercise the dignity and mature behavior expected of someone in that position. He began to think he was too good to be held accountable for his what he thought were funny, intemperate actions. He was also failed badly by his commanding officer. The CO should have has the good sense to see the first of the videos and tell him to get out of them immediately and tone them down.

  • NavyDave speaks with big medicine.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    The medicine would have been a hell of a lot bigger if CAPT Honor had been relieved in 2006 instead of 2011.

  • anonomous active duty Navy Captain

    I agree with Untima Ratio Reg above. His CO should have taken action to stop him back then. He was not too old to be cautioned about behaving like that. If that had happened, Capt Honors would still be with us, we would have benefit of all he has/had to offer the Navy ( assuming he would have taken heed of the caution ) and the Navy would not have another black eye.

    The then CO, who is now retired, should be recalled to active duty and held accountable for his failure here.

  • NavyDave

    I completely concur with URR’s comment that trust and confidence is a two-way street. Accountability for all of this should be equally so. If something this potentially embarrassing to the Navy didn’t get shared up the chain of command by those at the top on Enterprise at the time, it’s a safe bet to expect further repercussions from FFC. Perhaps a lesson for those in command at any level is that it is good practice to get advice from way up on anything that might put us on high warble like this. I saw exactly that kind of collaboration a few times from my ISIC and his (to the 3 and 4 star level) on a couple of issues that involved very junior officers who did things much less embarrassing to the command ranks. Communication is key to the trust and confidence (and loyalty) we are so dependent on as warfighters. Having dialogues like this are equally important and I’m sure glad to get to participate!

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    anonymous etc etc O6:

    Great. From a knife in the back and a head on the gate, now you want a matched set. Why not just do a full dress Roman Decimation (kill 1 out of 10 at random to improve discipline) over dumb off color jokes. Here’s a clue. Look for the leaker. This smells like vendetta for revenge.

    There are reasons you are supposed to investigate, then punish – and punish proportionately. One of them is… so hipshot half cocked senior officers don’t kill off the effective Captains because weasels whispered in their ear or set up an embarrassment. After a while all that is left is weasels and red queens at half cock (first illiterate to accuse me of anti gay slur, because he never read Lewis Carol, wins idiot of the day).

    Weasels don’t lead fleets to victory or ensure logistic adequacy. And single men in barracks (or deployed young adults in berthing compartments and staterooms) don’t turn into plaster saints (Kipling).

    This is starting to look (smell) like the internal politics of a sultan’s harem in the late stage Ottoman empire, or the ReichKanzler’s bunker in the spring of ’45.

    What exactly does this whole damnfool mess have to do with ensuring the Navy can do its job (win wars at sea) in the future? Nothing.

  • active Navy Captain

    I am not diminishing Capt Honors’ war fighting ability nor his overall professional potential prior to this unfortunate incident. I am saying that he deported himself very poorly and got himself and the Navy in trouble–that is hard to argue with. His CO failed to stop him before it all could have been forgotten and never made an issue of. Both senior officers failed in their responsibility to behave like gentlemen in high positions. Capt Honors diminished the position of ship’s XO by behaving like I did as a drunken fraternity boy back when I was an NROTC Midshipman. I grew up due to the forceful influence of my family and my senior mentors in my Navy career. He didn’t. Several reporting seniors could have helped him to do so during his excellent career. They failed to do so and look what happened to Capt Honors.

  • Byron

    Well said, Grandpa.

  • Sam Kotlin

    Might I gently suggest that XO Honors should have worked a bit more on his situational awareness. That or go back to his home planet where bozo behavior is tolerated. It ain’t been like that here on Navy earth for at least a couple decades, and truth-be-told, it’s never been right for an XO to treat his people with derision. we should be ashamed of him.

  • Derrick

    Well, given the high visibility position Captain Honor held on the Enterprise when he made the videos, it’s very difficult to convince me that the CO of that ship didn’t see those videos too. So why wasn’t Captain Honor removed from the XO spot then and there? Also, who filmed and distributed those videos? I realize someone at his senior level needs to be held to a higher standard, but so does his CO.

    Too many unknowns in this case to judge the situation properly. Plus if Captain Honor wasn’t disciplined when he made those videos, why did we wait 4 years to do so? To me it seems Captain Honor has made a recent enemy on the Enterprise who recently got ahold of the videos and decided to expose them to the public to embarrass his CO.

    Captain Honor has been removed from his CO job on the Enterprise now and I think that’s more than enough, considering that the navy really should have punished him at the time the videos were made, not 4 years later.

    Moving forward, I think the best way to resolve this is:
    1) President Obama to write a full pardon for Captain Honor and all those involved in these videos. (Even if that pardon had to encompass the entire Enterprise crew, for example)
    2) Captain Honor to volunteer for at least 1 year at a gay rights advocacy group or 1 of the many other special interests who claimed they were offended (I have not seen the videos myself so I cannot judge them)

    I don’t think it’s appropriate given the facts I know so far to remove Captain Honor from the US navy.

  • Matt Yankee

    Does anyone else believe this was all about DADT and scaring everyone in the military into never making fun of gays?

    Capt. Honors joked about gays…that was his wrong doing and he was fired for breaking the new rules retroactively. Probably a gay guy kept the video for just the day when he could be legal and get back at his Commander. This was a shot across the bow for everyone.

    Military people tearing each other up over this is exactly the aim of removing DADT…change the culture of the military by force…and get more votes as most military is conservative.
    It is the same rule on TV and all over the culture…DO NOT make fun of gays BUT swing away at white, christian, conservative military types. AND you can’t say anything bad about Muslums either. Put a bomb on Jesus’s head is fair but hell no on Muslums. South Park even knows the rules well.

    You are freaking SAILORS for C####t sake! What? Sailors are now have to watch their tongues and Marines are forced to accept gay Marines. Can Norad check the poles I think they switched!

  • Former Mustang Marine Lt

    I’m surprised no one is catching the “Conduct Unbecoming” fine print here. Just because he was counselled back in ’06 for being out of line doesn’t mean punishing him for embarrassing the US Navy today is double jeopardy. The key words today are “prejudicial to good order and conduct.” Once this went public and caused the CO of the USS Enterprise to be a target for public outrage, actions of the past officially caused negative consequences today.

    100% agree with CDR S. Some of the stuff I saw in the videos was so across the line I had to replay a few segments because I couldn’t believe it the first time. If he goes down and his previous commanders aren’t called on the carpet for just slapping his hand and then subsequently giving him high marks, then this is truly just a witch hunt and all the outrage is justified.

  • Jay

    Does anyone recall a time where we brought a retiree back on active duty for punishment? (I don’t…and perhaps if it did happen, it was a private matter)

    I wonder what a reasonable & proper punishment would be?

  • active Navy Captain

    If Capt Honors is to be humiliated and have his careen ended, for good reason or bad, and we have all debated
    above ad nauseum, the CO of Enterprise, who watched it all go on, went on to make Flag and failed to stop it when it started ( after the first XO movie ) should be recalled to active duty and face a BOI. One of the main reasons Capt Honors is in the difficulty he is is right now, is that his reprting seniors over his whole career failed to force him to grow up.

    I was playing golf this PM with an active duty Marine 06 . I asked him what he thought of Capt Honors’ actions. He said for an 06 officer to behave like that is un thinkable. He was not taking away from Capt Honors’ ability as a professional aviator and war fighter and his overall contribution to the Navy over almost 30 years. He was merely saying that any 06 who behaves like that is missing a critical ability as a senior officer.

  • As a retired Command Master Chief I find that I’m asked a lot about this situation up here in the Boston area. The Navy was right to fire, those above him who knew and are still on active duty need to face the music because they also made a poor decision. I had 11 Commanding Officers during my tours as a CMC and never had a CO resort to this base level of behavior. While his warfighting ability may have been top-notch, his judgment and professionalism left something to be desired.

  • active Navy Captain

    Thank you Master Chief Butler, for supporting me. Sometimes it is tough to stand for principle instead of popularity.

  • Barham

    CAPT. Honors behaved like a patent idiot, as the organization the Navy behaved once again as a sordid body of politically correct middle aged men whose own careers are in jeopardy, and who prefer to display the lack of spine rather than risk beheading by judging the man on his present performance rather than his moronic past. The time for the boot has definitively passed, and the spinal reflexes of public sanctimony and breast beating currently employed are not only singularly misplaced, but manage to put the Navy in an even worse (and demoralizing) light.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    A great line from over at Galrahn’s place. From one of the commentors:

    “You didn’t want to talk about Holly Graf but have been talking about what happened on the USS Enterprise. I believe all are connected and explained by the current military culture. ”

    Seems Admiral Harvey got over his laryngitis just in time to placate the special interest groups pushing for CAPT Honors’ scalp.


    31 years navy, e-1 to O-5, most in aviation, I would have been embarrassed in any of these pay grades if the XO would have made a movie like that.
    Where was the command master chief ?
    I was on the Enterprise 1962-64 and assisted the Chaplain in motivating the crew to take tours; in which I produced, directed & wrote a series of shows. Father Killeen would have roasted me if I had made these videos off-color!!! If he had still been Head Chaplain in 2006-07; one video would have had him knocking on the X.O.’s door, two on the captain’s door, and three the admiral’s door.
    Can’t you children see the difference in the XO doing this and an e-3 doing this? Has nothing to with PC and everything to do with moral leadership!

  • Jay

    CDR Prawl — some can’t see it, some won’t see it.

    Washington Post
    January 14, 2011
    Pg. 3

    Retirement Deferred As Navy Probes Videos

    The Navy said Thursday that it has deferred the retirement of the officer who commanded the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise when lewd videos were made, pending the outcome of an investigation.

    Rear Adm. Lawrence Rice was the commanding officer on the Enterprise when videos that included slurs against homosexuals, simulated masturbation and toilet humor were made several years ago and shown to sailors as entertainment.

    Rice’s retirement had been planned for Feb. 1.

    Capt. Owen Honors was removed from command of the Enterprise last week over his role in the videos. Honors had been second-in-command when he produced, starred in and circulated the videos.

    — Reuters

  • Ensign Squares

    After serving enlisted on submarines and now starting a commissioned career, I have to say that I’m a little confused as to what happened. I believe that I had a great career so far and served with some fine JOs and members of the command. We had some fun but it never went in this direction. I’m still dazed and bewildered at what happened. I know for a fact that my COs and XOs (and the COB) would never allow this behavior and it’s still hard for me to believe that someone of such a career could have such bad judgement. Further, it’s a little disconcerting that the statements above (including comments) seem to indicate a corrupted leadership system.
    I appreciate the discussion from many senior and experienced people, as I’m still breaking into my new job as XO.

  • V2 Bosn

    I was on board when he was the XO. I did not have a problem with his videos. Also, Some crew members that were homosexual did not seem to have a problem. I do not know why some individuals over react to this things. What happened to the Navy! If they join the service they should be able to take this jokes. It is not your regular corporate job! Seriously! Makes me want to be glad I did not continue with my military career.

  • T. Urbanis

    1-The Navy certainly has gone downhill from day one women would be allowed on ships as crew with a few women now commanding. What did the navy expect viz-a-viz a 6 month deployment with members of the opposite sex? This requires a big “duh?” from the responsible civilian and military leaders in the Pentagon.
    2-For all practable purposes the last B-52H rolled off the Boeing assembly lines at about the same time the ENTERPRISE was becoming available for fleet duty. So how does the Air Force keep the H models in sync with the times while at the same time the navy operates on the theory any ship 50 years old is ready for the scrap heap. Since the ENTERPRISE is on its last rotation I have to wonder how that can be. Will she sink if she has to go on another 6 month tour of duty? She needs to go into drydock for a complete refit and overhaul – Find out from the Air Force on how they keep 50+ year old model H’s in active service.
    3-The 2nd FORD class carrier is to be named KENNEDY. No, not Bobby Kennedy but JFK. Doesn’t this set some kind of record for a second major combat vessel given the same name in a very short period of time? It has become quite clear that JFK didn’t keep his zipper closed when on the road. He doesn’t deserve the honor. The CAMELOT crap is fogging the brains of those who name ships.
    4-From differing news accounts, the NIMITZ came in under 1 billion dollars while the FORD is 17 billion and counting. There has to be something wrong here.
    5-I think that the 2nd FORD carrier should be named USS OREGON (ex BB-3) as it played a major role in defeating the Spanish fleet in Cuba after its cruise from the west coast and putting the germ of an idea to Teddy Roosevelt that a canal in Panama was needed.
    6-The OREGON CITY Baltimore class heavy cruisers the Navy has kept in moth balls, or on loan, need a complete overhaul and re-equipped with all the latest necessary up to date gadgets. This all gun 8″ cruiser would be ideal in the Arabian Gulf. Expending 9 rounds no doubt would be quite helpful in keeping the Strait of Hormuz open to shipping. Plus, it would be so much cheaper than fleets of jets trying to destory the suicide boats Iran claims to have. This class of heavy cruiser has “all in one” shells eliminating the need for powder bags.