The U.S. Naval Institute 2011 Member Ballot included with the April Naval History magazine is invalid,
as it does not include an historic change to the Mission of the Naval Institute that has been recommended
by the Board of Directors. If you voted using this ballot, it will not be counted.

The Member Ballot included with the March issue of Proceedings is correct in that it includes the proposed change
to the USNI mission statement. Please vote/re-vote using this ballot.

Alternately, you may vote online. To do so, you will need to use your Member Number to log in, if you need to locate this number, please call our Member Service Department 800.233.8764 or email

Members who only receive Naval History magazine will receive a revised ballot in the mail, which is mailing
the week of 1 March.

We apologize for any confusion and thank you for your continued support.


Thomas L. Wilkerson
Major General, USMC (Ret.)
Chief Executive Officer

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  • General Wilkerson,

    Thank you for this clarification and for your service as CEO of the Institute.

  • KhakiPants

    Anyone else having issues with the online ballot? I keep being told my member number (and, yes it is correct) is invalid or not in the database.

    Is there going to be a vote deadline we run up against. If I don’t get to vote, I will be a very sad KhakiPants. ;_;

  • Paul D. Speer, jr.

    I left a long and detailed objection to the approval of the ballot initiative to change the stated mission of the Institute. Yet I do not see it posted. Would that be because the Institute desires to assure a Yes vote?

  • Paul, I’ve had long comments get hung up in “moderation” status before… probably a default setting of the underlying comments package. A lot of the packages will also queue up comments if they contain certain features like hyperlink tags. An email to should help you clear this up… the person who answers those is not the type to stifle conversation.

  • The proposed change has the effect of converting the USNI into a propaganda organization vice a forum for discusion. If I wanted to join a pravda type organization, I would join a political party. If this passes, my resignation will follow.

    IS1(SW), USN(Ret)

  • Retired Now

    I’m a Lifelong member of SEAPOWER (aka Navy League).

    Our goals include influencing members of Congress about Seapower issues.

    So, why does US Naval Institute want to change and also copy Navy League’s missions now ?

  • KhakiPants

    I’ve now been able to successfully cast my vote.