I’ve looked online, and I’ve asked both on Twitter and Facebook. No one seems to recall this ever happening before.

Two smaller Libyan crafts were fired upon by the A-10 using its 30mm GAU-8/ Avenger cannon, destroying one and forcing the other to be abandoned.

A P-3, USS BARRY and a USAF A-10 were all engaged against Libya Coast Guard craft yesterday. BARRY “provided situational awareness for the aircraft by managing the airspace and maintaining the maritime picture”. Amazing. BZ and well done to all the Sailors and Airmen involved in the fight yesterday.

UPDATE: They’re talking about this over at Galrahn’s place too.

UPDATE II: Everyone is talking about it, see CDR SALAMANDER’s place too

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  • Ken

    Yes. In the novel “The Hunt For Red October” 😉

  • So the old Warthog is still indispensible. We certainly got our money’s worth from that funding. I just hope they aren’t still using Depleted Uranium DU rounds.

    The rebels are closing on Sirte, Gaddafi’s stronghold and, presumably, strongpoint. Rather than get drawn into a self-defeating, Stalingrad-like battle of attrition to take it frontally, it should be bypassed … like the island hopping strategy we used in the Pacific … and left to be isolated by our sea and air power.

    Moving on up the road to Tripoli would REALLY panick Gaddafi.

    And we are hearing reports that El Queda have infiltrated our rebel allies. A friend of a friend is …?

  • Chuck Hill

    Not unlike Army Air Corp B-25s with nose mounted 75mm shooting up Japanese shipping.

  • Byron

    Ken, I’m an old time Harpoon player and HFRO is like the Bible for Harpoon. I’m on my second copy and I can’t for the life of me remember an instance where an A-10 took out a ship.

    Chuck, the 8-10 .50 cals in the nose would do the trick, especially if they were using AP…used to damn near cut DEs in half!

  • Eagle1

    The use of A-10s to counter small boats attacks has been suggested before.

    One place was in an update at http://www.eaglespeak.us/2010/08/iran-announces-revolutionary-gard.html

  • Paul

    Could an A-10 skip bomb like a B-25? Granted that Mav’s and that big honkin’ 30 mm are great weapons for taking out MBT’s, but how much explosive is in a Mav?

    Harpoon was a great game– first one I bought for my Mac– learned all about convergence zones, sonar, formations and the importance of EMCOM. Never got past the Classic Harpoon, but that was enough.

    Don’t even remember if there were A-10s in that version…

  • Chuck Hill

    PBJ/B-25s could have up to 14 forward facing .50s, 8 in the nose, 4 in the cheek mounts and the dorsal turret turned forward. Or only four .50s in the nose and add a 75mm cannon.

    See the Battle of Bismark Sea.

    Beaufighters were pretty good at this sort of thing too.

  • Old Air Force Sarge

    And to think the powers-that-be wanted to retire the A-10. This bird has always been and will always be a major kicker of the enemy’s hindquarters. Long live the Warthog!

  • Byron

    Sarge, any time the Air Force wants to get rid of them, I’m sure the Marines and the Army would be glad to take them.

  • Chuck Hill

    The Air Force would cut them up first.

  • leesea

    this discussion would bring smiles to the faces of many a Black Pony driver. They did boat busting too and with “only” 7.62 rounds and oh yes 5in Zunis maybe.
    How soon we forget~

    and yes the Warthogs and their crews are greatfully appreciated by Marines and Sailors. Still waiting to hear if one could fly off a big deck amphib?

  • JAV

    As far as A-10s being appreciated by Marines, not so much. They have had a bad habit of shooting up Marine vehicles, from the Gulf War to Nasiriyah. The FACS and fog of war contributed, but I would still rather receive CAS from a naval aviator who can tell an AAV7 from a BMP.

  • Byron

    JAV, you would prefere a Naval aviator over a Marine FAC?

  • JohnByron

    In reviewing the first and second manuscripts of The Hunt for Red October for the Institute, there was one argument with Clancy (then an insurance salesman) I could not win and that was his use of A-10s for a war-at-sea strike. My argument: USN has ample means to conduct such action without calling on the USAF. His argument, which prevailed, was that he didn’t care about the airframe or the Service that flew it, he just liked the name Warthog. Thus the first (though fictional) use of the A-10 Warthog against a maritime target. I suspect Tom is now chortling.

  • Surfcaster

    Byron, IIRC it wasn’t taking out a ship but flying low to a Sov formation and leaving flares. MD ANG if memory servers correct.

    Read that book 20 times but haven’t in 15 years. I did tell my 10 year old son that he can read it when he turns 12 😉 (15 before he gets W.E.B. Griffin B.O.W 😉 )

  • JohnByron

    Surfcaster: Tks. Have not read a word of Clancy since the second ms for Hunt.

  • Redeye80


    Marine FACs are normally Marine Naval Aviators or Marine Naval Flight Officers. JTACS are enlisted and cut of antoher cloth. Which is better is an agruement for another day.

  • JAV


    As Redeye says above. Naval aviator = Marine or Navy pilot, to include the FAC assigned to the ground unit. Let the AF do all the interdiction and strategic bombing they want, but for CAS I prefer Marine, Navy, or Army pilots.

  • Byron

    JAV: agree