As a Marine, Clay Hunt, was wounded in Iraq and lost dear friends in Iraq and Afghanistan. After coming home, he searched for a way to continue serving, not just the United States, but all of mankind. He was a natural fit for Team Rubicon which bridges the gap between disaster occurrence and conventional aid response. Clay was instrumental in saving thousands of lives in Haiti and in other hellish disasters. He was not only one helluva Scout Sniper, but a one of a kind humanitarian who wanted to help anyone who needed it, and a brother that will be greatly missed. Last week, Clay lost his long time battle with the demons of war.

Clay Warren Hunt was the epitome of the American Badass with a heart of gold.

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  • mindy1

    Aww he seemed like a good guy 🙁

  • Tom Stephens

    I was with 2nd Btn 7th Marines in Vietnam. I know exactly what Clay has been going through since his return. My condolences go out to his family and I would like for them to know that he will not be forgotten. Rest in peace, Clay.
    Semper Fi, my brother,
    Tom Stephens

  • “St Peter another Marine reporting to his last duty station.”Chaplain Corps Member USNR relegated Deacon Alexandrian(African-rite)Lover of Haiti where I found my Saviour,ordained Catholic priest USNR 1979.Army soldier still serving,but not as magnificently as this Marine.

  • George Wing Sr.

    We as a nation should be ashamed of having another one of our brave military people take their own life because we are worried about other countries first and not our own. Would this be different if we sent our children of the senate or house to war and they died. Would we take better care of our troops? I hope he gets to rest now and I know he is guarding the man upstairs for me!

  • eliabeth49

    Clay Warren Hunt was the epitome of the American Badass with a heart of gold.