What happens when you are fighting an open desert campaign, have in your possession huge stocks of rocket pods, but no aircraft? Bolt those suckers onto a pick-up truck, of course! New photos and video from the New York Times’ CJ Chivers and Al Jazeera’s Evan Hill show the rebels using these MacGyver artillery pieces. However, while technologically innovative, I seriously doubt you can hit anything with accuracy. Someone also posted a video of their motor pool constructing the devices.

Posted by Christopher Albon in Hard Power

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  • Paul

    Ok, so accuracy may suffer a bit, but I bet they felt like kings of the world rigging those suckers up and firing them. Even though they may not hit something, probably did a world of good for morale to be able to send something downrange rather than just sucking up the opposition’s artillery fire.

  • UltimaRatioReg

    A huge cloud of flame and smoke, while shooting gummint ammo? Who the hell needs to hit anything?

    Though don’t underestimate the ingenuity. In Ramadi we found CDROMs with tabular firing tables for a wide variety of improvised weapons. Some of which were surprisingly well constructed.

  • Brian

    It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
    –Walt Disney