Austal USA announced today that Craig Hooper, a frequent contributor to Proceeding and an alumni of the USNI Blog, is their new Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and External Affairs:

I am ecstatic that Austal values the public discussion of naval affairs and national security strategy afforded by outlets like Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to re-engaging the public (and the naval blogosphere) in new ways while helping Austal grow to become one of the best, most innovative naval shipbuilders in the business.

Huge congratulations to Craig on the new gig!

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  • JohnByron

    Blatant self-promotion. Has no place on this webpage. Please remove.

  • Where is the “self” in this “blatant self-promotion”? I have never worked and will never work at Austal USA.

    Not trying to be combative, honest question.

  • Byron

    John, I think I’m on the same page as you, but Chris isn’t the problem.

    Chris, think on the recent near-rebellion between USNI members and the Board and the reason why….

  • Ah, thanks for the info.