God Bless America, all of those who have served and serve and their families.

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  • BZ US Forces! Glad we Canadians were part of the fight.

  • AJ Montoya


  • RickWilmes

    I hope America flys their American flags like I will be doing tomorrow.

  • Byron

    Is there any way that SOB can die 3,000 times? I sure wish he could.

    BZ all involved. Now to get the rest of the rats!

  • alfred_the_great

    BZ to whichever Special Mission Unit conducted this task.

    And, inevitably, this was tweeted whilst it happened!

  • RickWilmes

    Considering all the controversey after knowing he is dead,

    Did he fire a shot?

    Did he hide behind his wife?

    It is too bad he wasn’t taken alive and keel hauled behind the USS Cole!!!