I just started the midnight shift at prototype, working from 1930-0730. As it was our first day working shifts, we had an orientation brief where it was announced we killed Bin Laden. After welcoming us our crew chief asked if we had any questions; there was a long pause, and then finally someone asked if we really killed him.

I came home to check Facebook and saw photos and videos uploaded from midshipmen as they celebrated. One of them made it to RealClearPolitics and thought I’d share it with you. Wish I could have been there for this!

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  • christopher perrien

    Understand the collective sentiment and I am dismayed by the remarks of the Commandant. “This is what it is about?” Did we really show the resolve of the US? Is this another Mission Accomplished statement? “I believe that we have won.” What have we won? Peace? Victory Over Taliban Day? Democracy in the Middle East? We killed someone because we had to not because we are vengeance seekers. Or else we are no better than the stooges in the suicide vests. We provided OBL with a dignified burial out of respect for his religion. I don’t believe that we will see any SEALs on YouTube puffing their feathers over this action. My guess is that this will be pulled as it was from YouTube earlier today.

  • sid

    What the Admiral won is a bunch USNA denizens who have gained a visceral feel that more than anything else, their primary job will be to be victorious in conflict…

    He won back some sense of priorities for the institution.

    BZ Admiral.

  • For clarification, it was Captain Robert E. Clark II who gave the speech.

    More here for background: http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/bs-md-naval-academy-react-20110502,0,6835345.story

  • And the videos have been removed –

  • sid

    Well the”…

    BZ Captain.

    And no.

    The kids that were there and lived that moment will ensure it wasn’t “removed”….

  • Byron

    I’ll guarantee you that if you dig on YouTube, you’ll find the videos. Stuff like this gets viral as all get out.

  • Muddy politics but solid operation. Nice work by Seal Team 6.