Our good friends at Blackfive explain this well:

The words to “Taps” are:

Day Is Done,

Gone the Sun,

From the Earth,

From the Hill,

From the Sky,

All Is Well,

Safely Rest,

God Is Nigh

When Taps is played at dusk, it has a completely different meaning than when Taps is played during the day. No soldier really wants to hear it played during daylight. For when the bugle plays Taps in the daylight…that means a soldier has fallen…There is a belief among some that Taps is the clarion call to open the gates of heaven for the fallen warrior and letting them know to “Safely Rest”…

Of course, Memorial Day is about remembering the sacrifices that our military men and women have made over the last 235 years. We are still a young nation, but one that has made many sacrifices to remain free. We should also take time to remember the families who have lost loved ones.

Who do you remember?

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  • I remember Gunner’s Mate 3rd Class Robert Wallace Backherms. “Smiley” was my shipmate on USS Manitowoc (LST-1180) for two years, serving as an undesignated seaman in the Deck department before striking for guns. He transferred to USS Iowa (BB-61) shortly after I did, and was assigned to Turret 2. He was a great kid, always happy with what he was doing, and seemed to fit in well wherever he went.
    His loss, along with 46 others on an otherwise beautiful spring day off the coast of Florida, was one of those peacetime tragedies that can never be fully explained, and needs to be remembered alongside the wartime casualties we normally commemorate at the end of May.

    Far from Home
    Lord have mercy on our comrades who’ll be knockin at your door,
    They fell forever today, so look after them forever more.

    They were just men with dreams all their own,
    Doing the work of their country far from their home.

    Lord please bless their souls, for it was not their choice you see,
    Each had a job to do, but not one to take them to eternity

    We are all simple men with dreams all of our own
    Doing the work of our country far away from home…..

    Jeffery M. Bellows, OS2(SW) – April 19, 1989

  • The Real Old Salt

    Harry Maxted, killed in action in France 16 April 1918.

    The men in USS PLEDGE (AM-277), killed when their ship was mined in Wonson harbor on 12 Oct 1950 during minesweeping operations.

    Navy Lieutenant Robert Moinester, killed in action 31 Jan 68 in the battle for Hue, an action for which he was awarded the Silver Star.

    Navy Lieutenant Commander Carl J. Peterson, killed in action in 1968.

    Marine Sgt Rodney M Davis, killed in action 6 Sep 1967 when he dove on a grenade to save his squad, an action for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor.

    EW3 Charles Moller, killed in USS STARK 17 May 1987.

    Lest we forget, lest we forget…

  • Byron

    My father-in-law, recently passed away, Lt. Gene Llewyllyn, USAAF, B-17 pilot, who’s shot to hell B-17 force landed in Switzerland.

  • Benjamin Walthrop

    LT T. Fussner, USN
    MAJ M. McClung, USMC
    The passengers, and all but one of the crew on EgyptAir Flight 990


  • UltimaRatioRegis

    PFC Thomas Perron USMC (Beirut)
    LTjg John Connors USN (Panama)
    SSG Scott Nisely USA (Iraq)
    LtCol Dave Green USMC (Iraq)

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  • M. Ittleschmerz

    1SG William Nadeau, USA (WWII, Korea, Vietnam)
    PFC Roland Nadeau, USMC (Vietnam)
    Captain Bob Dolan, USN (Pentagon)
    Commander Rob Schlegel, USN (Pentagon)
    DM2 Mike Noeth, USN (Pentagon)
    SM2 Chris Watts, USN (USS Firebolt)

  • Brian Grubbs

    I think sometimes we place too much emphasis on remembering the fallen as opposed to remembering what the fallen have done and given us. I bet if you were able to ask every fallen warrior if they want us to mourn for them, or rejoice in the blessings they have given us, they would ask us to rejoice.

  • The Usual Suspect

    SSG Adrian Elizalde USA (IRQ)
    Lt. Col. Jim Wiley USA (AFG)

  • Diogenes of NJ

    Time for reflection:

    I like country music too:

    – Kyon

  • My oldest brother EM1c kenneth L. Regnier U.S.N. 1942 – 46,MY DAD CPL Fred H. Regnier 325th Aux Remount DET. U.S.ARMY 1916 – 1919, MY BROTHER, S.Sgt. Bobbie J. Regnier D co. 19th INF. REGT. 24th ID.,1949 – 1952, SPC. SEAN REGNIER 8-1 cav 2nd ID. 2004 -2011. Still serving.

  • claudio

    CDR Dan Shanower
    LCDR Vince Tolbert
    LT Jonas Panik

  • claudio

    LT Darrin Pontell
    Jackie Houtz
    Brady Howell
    Jerry Moran

    Friends and coworkers – CNO-IP Pentagon


  • KhakiPants

    LT James Condon, USN

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    All the submariners on eternal patrol, and all boat sailors lost in operational casualties in the boats since 1900.

    Cdr Ernest Evans, USN, and all lost in TAFFY taskgroups, who bought the pax oceana americana , 1944 – date, with their blood.

    All US Navy Sailors lost overboard… Rear Admiral to Seaman Recruit.

    Each U. S. Navy sailor whose death wrote a line in the U. S. Navy Safety Precautions Afloat. May all leaders enforce that book, so their deaths may not be in vain.

    No flowers grow on a sailor’s grave who never returns from sea.

    In the sure and certain hope of the resurrection, when the sea shall give up its dead.

  • Michael

    Denis Christian Miranda, Navy SEAL
    Afghanistan, 21 September 2010

  • Bob Ianucci

    GYSGT Irving Burr Tchakirides, USMC
    Advance Team, NAV ADV Group, USNAVFORV
    South Vietnam 5 august 1968
    Semper Fi, Butch!

  • Tom Dean

    My father AFCM Thomas M. Dean, Sr USN (Pearl Harbor, WWII)
    and also Capt. Larry Getzfred USN (pentagon)

  • Wayne Leaver

    Vincent Hill Leaver, USS Clemson. Carried UDT and Marine Raiders in the Pacific, WW II.

  • Mike Domby

    Charles (Chuck) Moller, EW3…Miss him and I know he had more to contribute to this world!

  • Dodd R. Millar

    LTjg John Needham, Bataan Death March

    May he Rest In Peace