Just woke up and am getting ready to head in. I’m currently working the midnight shift and will be standing my first watch in the simulators today. Hopefully the scram switch will go untouched!

Posted by Jeffrey Withington in Navy

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  • Grandpa Bluewater

    The quality of mercy is not strained…and unavailable from your instructors. Learn all you can from simulators, such luxury will no longer be yours soon enough. Mean time meet your simulated catastrophe with a command voice and a confident manner.

    That which does not crush you makes you stronger, out here rooting for you. Keep your chin up sailor.

  • Rich B.

    The entire time you have the watch you must ask yourself one question; “what if…?”

    Never relax into your position no matter how quiet things may seem. Always challenge yourself and your peers with questions. Not just general knowledge but TTP (techniques, tactics and procedures)

    Even amidst the routine; like someone routing a tagout out ask questions, “What would you do if you find this danger tag lying on the deck…” etc.

    You not only strengthen yourself but the watchteam around you.

    By constantly asking yourself, “What if…” and going through your immediate actions you may never get caught off guard and will be able to be proactive vice reactive.

    Remember you can recover from a bad decision; you can never recover from doing nothing.

  • Fouled Anchor

    Pray that the scram switch does goes off. You will someday scram at depth during a maneuver (trust me on this one)…you, your crew, and your boat need your experience in the simulator.

  • jwithington

    As an update, my first scheduled watch was pushed back due to technical difficulties with the simulator. Should happen tonight/tomorrow early morning!