Silver Star presented on Monday.

(See Joe’s Story for background)

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  • RickWilmez

    Looks like exforfan was correct.

    “He was the LCPO with the Bahrain Military Working Dog outfit that involved hazing/cruelty & maltreatment, and LPO’s suicide a few years go, right?

    by exforfan on Mar 18, 2011 at 4:57 pm”

    From one of the links provided.

    “One sailor in Toussaint’s unit, MA1 Jennifer Valdivia, committed suicide in January 2007 as the investigation came to a close because she feared her commanders were blaming her for the unit’s problems, her father said.”.

    The original “Joe’s Story” was not the “Entire Story.”

  • No, it wasn’t the whole story. And neither was the piece published by either YouthRadio, or any other media outlet.

    A key footnote to this history will be the written addendum provided by the officers on the Board of Inquiry. If there was ever a time that Secretary Mabus and CNO Roughead chose to act without sufficient investigation it was this case. From the shoddy initial investigation to the knee jerk actions by Navy leadership this is a sad sad story and it is a good thing that MACS Toussaint’s heroics were not ignored by a politically pandering bureaucracy.

  • RickWilmes

    The shoddy investigation was reported back in February 2011.

    “Navy officials ruled last year that the investigation into the charges against Toussaint was of “poor quality” and “flawed,” with many of the claims unsubstantiated. On Thursday, the Navy’s top command officially accepted those findings.”

    Why was none if this information provided in the original “Joe’s Story?”

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    This will live in the lore of our sailors. Gays will not benefit by it.
    Retention will not benefit by it. Morale will not benefit by it.

    Descriptive, not prescriptive.