Since this came out on 22 JUN on the Navy’s Facebook page, I have been trying to figure out quite what to do with it.

As a father, brother, and member of the first generation of Navy officers to spend their entire career in mixed-gender units – I am very serious about sexual assault and its impact at both the personal level and the readiness level. As a reflection of the society it serves, sexual assault takes place in the Navy as it does in society. Especially in such a youth heavy organization and all that comes with it – the Navy needs to make sure it has a focused, clear and realistic policy and prevention program.

I am more from the, “Have the CMDCM brief everyone that if they have anything to do with sexual assault of a Shipmate, they can expect to be punished as close as possible to having their heads on pikes.” school – it takes about 90-seconds and we can get back to work. I am willing to accept that more can be done, and that is fine. It just needs to be done smart, right, in the correct context, serious, and non-patronizing.

Why then, do we have such an incoherence on a such a clear problem?

The younger a Sailor is, the more he uses social media. A lot of people who are not part of the Navy family, but have an interest in the Navy, visit these sites as well. On 22 JUN if you visited the official Navy Facebook site, this is what you would have seen in the Wall Photos; here is the direct link. Sure, you can just look below – but go to the link if for no other reason than to read the comments. This, right or wrong, is what the Navy is telling the world what it thinks of its Sailors. It is what it is telling it Sailors what it thinks it needs to know. Really. It was on their page; it remains on their page. Silence is approval, so …

A basic question would be why we are taking things from “tumblinfeminist” – but that is just a matter of personal taste, I guess. The more perplexing point, and what leads to pondering – is what general message are we giving with this statement about why the post post went up?

Eliminating sexual assault from our ranks is an all hands effort. Here are some prevention tips –bottom line: don’t assault people

Again, wall postings on Facebook can be a little goofy – people post stuff on my wall all the time – but if I don’t like it, I take it off. However, this was kept on, so I guess we’re fine with it. If so – then let’s look at it in detail

Let’s roll in the wrong; point by point; what are we trying to say?

  1. Even though you have been through all the hoops and training it takes to be part of the Navy – and in spite of all the training we give you – we assume that; A. You have experience in using date rape drugs. B. You plan to use them. C. You don’t think that is a bad idea.
  2. When we tell you to have a “liberty buddy” or that “Shipmates don’t let Shipmates go on liberty alone.” we don’t really mean it. When Seaman Timmy and Petty Officer Fred see Airman Tammy staggering down an ally in Souda Bay at 0130; just let her go by herself. Yes, that is wise. We know that Timmy & Fred are more likely to rape Tammy than look at her as a Shipmate that needs help. After all, they might decide to save the the date rape drug they have and just take advantage of the fact she is drunk. That is what Sailors do, right?
  3. Timmy and Fred; I know that you recognize Tammy’s beater Ford broken down on Granby St. again. Make sure and remind yourself that your are supposed to pull over and help her, not rape her! Silly Sailors – always thinking rape.
  4. Timmy and Fred, when you get back to base we want you to remember something you may not know. When Tammy forgets to lock her doors or windows – that does not mean that she wants you to come in and show her what 6-months of galley food can do to a man’s gut. We know you go around checking other people’s doors and windows in the middle of the night, you pervert.
  5. I know it is a small space and you are so close – but when you get in an elevator with Tammy (all alone, and close, sharing the same air), don’t act like she just got in the shower with you. Really Timmy – didn’t we give you enough saltpeter?
  6. You may work on nuclear power plants or have the lives of your Shipmates in your hands on a daily basis – but we know you have no self control. Forget what I said in #2, always have a buddy with you who can tell you, “No Timmy, we’re not going to pull the car over, give Tammy a roofie then rape her. This is the new-Navy, we don’t do that anymore!”
  7. I have no idea what I am trying to say here. I think I am asking you to stop being an lying rapist – be an honest one instead. We know you are a rapist, we just think you should be an honest one.
  8. {NB: this is beyond parody.}
  9. {NB: I feel like I just lost 20 IQ points reading this. I apologize to the readers for bringing this abomination to your attention.}
  10. Don’t murder people. Don’t eat your children. Don’t wear white after Labor Day.

I am still at a loss what to do with this cancer of advice.

There are ways to address sexual assault, and there is good advice to provide to our Sailors. This fails on all accounts, and is actually counter-productive on many levels. Not only is the advice worthless for Sailors – it makes the Navy seem idiotic for having it on their wall.

BTW – before people say, “… but these things happen …” I would say, “Stop.” In my career I also had to deal with an E5 who was sexually molesting her elementary school son on a regular basis to the point he was a threat to his classmates – but we didn’t put out a “Don’t assault your children” memos in the Plan of the Day as a result.

Messaging fail of epic proportions.

UPDATE: The story is breaking out in to the larger media complex. Articles – and rather sad official USN responses – can be found here, here and here.

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  • Frank Ch. Eigler

    CDR, are you sure that poster is not a satire?

  • Simple messaging works best. Take your chiefs communicating the “heads on pikes” message, and follow it up with examples at General Courts Martial. Publicize same. Casual assaults will decrease accordingly.


    (a) Any person subject to this chapter who commits an act of sexual intercourse with a female not his wife, by force and without consent, is guilty of rape and shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.”

    Simple. To the point. Get it out there and make it stick.

  • Chapter and verse. If you want to advertise you are serious – yep, that would do it.

  • LT Lesley Lykins

    Sal, thanks for your interest. In fact about half of the Navy Facebook fans who provided feedback vehemently agree with you. Of course… the other half were just as vocal in their support of the poster. The 700+ ‘likes’ are a whole other nut to crack. The challenge is getting people’s attention on an issue that demands serious scrutiny. We could have certainly done a better job of providing more context at the onset (see our comment in the thread). Thanks for your interest – we continue to appreciate and respect our fans’ feedback in this bold new environment.

    U.S. Navy Facebook Administrators

  • Rich B.

    I have to agree with a post by lateowlearlybird on the aforementioned site,

    “I am sorry but I am a guy and thoughts like those never come up. Guys who do or want to do such things, a poster or motivational message will not help. When a messed up man wants to assault a lady then they will. But I dislike it when there are subtle implications where as that men solely think of or try these things. Only men who do these things do not deserve to be a man. This is a bit long but it irks me when people think a poster of words can stop the mentally sickened. Reality sucks but we have to live with it or fight to make it better.”

    The subtle truth is rational men do not think along those lines; and the irrational cannot understand the message. They are flawed at the core of their being.

  • This Chief wants to thank the good Commander for this dissection of what – in other context – would have been hilarious. Truth is truly stranger than fiction.

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

  • UltimaRatioReg

    Lt Lykins,

    I am distressed to read your comments, which seem to be justification for what is posted on the Navy’s Facebook page. Leadership is not a consensus exercise, nor is it a debate, nor a popularity contest.

    Whether there are “700 likes” or “half support” for what this poster contains is irrelevant. The tone and intent of the poster reeks of a lack of understanding and poor leadership in the extreme. To portray all males, as this poster does, as potential rapists and perpetrators of sexual assault is outrageous and deeply insulting to Sailors at which this is targeted.

    Whether you, your bosses, or Navy leadership realizes it, such represents divisive, accusatory, condescending, and outright hostile attitudes toward male Sailors. It is also anything but serious discussion.

    Salamander’s post is spot-on. That it seems to not be understood by those in a position of leadership in the Navy is telling enough. To have it be rationalized leads to the conclusion that, instead of being a poor attempt to address a serious issue, the insulting and intellectually bankrupt approach to this “poster” reflects the beliefs and leadership philosophies of those whose job it is to lead our nation’s Navy.

  • Dear U.S. Navy:
    Sexual assault is serious. It is not a laughing matter, nor one that should–ever–be taken lightly or in jest, especially by the chain of command. Very poor taste, and shows how you truly don’t *get* social media.
    This post is disgraceful–to the many thousands of men and women currently serving, and to the many thousands more who are retired or have served, and to those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our nation. It doesn’t matter how many people “like” it on Facebook. has plenty of users, too. Does that make child pornography okay?
    It doesn’t matter the spirit with which this was posted–what matters is that at face value, it appears you are not serious about sexual violence, and that you will treat it with a wink and a nod.
    Perception is truth, Navy, and whatever your motivation, the perception here for many, especially those with limited connection to the service, is that the USN simply thinks that their sailors are too stupid to know the difference between right and wrong. Of course, because you’ve posted this, you are proving the case that you don’t.

  • C.

    Spend enough time on certain websites and you’ll see that the horrible language posted by LT Lykins’ organization come straight out of a certain mindset that assumes all with Y chromosomes are subhuman rapists just waiting for a chance. It’s repulsive, frankly.

  • “Old Navy” Wife “New Navy” Mom

    Is this a hack job? Is it Onion material?

    Will the Navy now also put out a poster that says

    Do not dress provocatively.. don’t give an assailant any excuses or communicate a message that you “want it”.

    Do not drink to excess with a mixed crowd… you know someone will always take advantage… unless, of course, that’s your intent.

    Remain a virgin until you’re married… you don’t want to give some lowlife criminal defense attorney ammunition on your past sexual exploits to excuse a rape.

    Dear New Navy, Yes, I see. No discussion necessary.

  • The Usual Suspect

    This looks like a card that they would issue to a recovering rapist. Pants zipped. Check. Bindings and chloroform left at home. Check. Creepy van parked. Check. Do not rape card in pocket. Check.

    Just think of the uproar that would be ongoing if you had singled out any other group but males. UFB.

  • Byron

    Lt. Lykins, I expect that the 50% who agreed with Sal were men who were raised right by their mothers…and the 50% who didn’t agree with him were women.

    Ladies, feel free to think I’m a knuckle dragging neanderthal…the lady of my life knows I’m a complete gentlemen that wouldn’t think of forcing himself on a lady.

    What a crock of…..

  • My daughter and a few other girls were sexually harrased by a recruiter and since they reported him the girls seem to no longer be wanted by the navy so maybe if they start there and oh yes he was brought up on charges i believe but why punish the girls

  • SneekyCarrot

    I suppose it’s ok to turn to satire to address serious issues that sailors might face unless you are the XO of an aircraft carrier.

  • AT1 Charles H. Berlemann Jr

    Lt. Lykins,

    Your missing the point. It is as both SecNav, CNO, and CMC; along with all the rest of the leadership at both the Washington Naval Yard and Pentagon, let alone those reached by Naval Message Traffic. The point all those folks put out is that it is guilt by association. The idea that, “Some Sailors commit sexual assault, ipso facto, all Sailors commit sexual assault.” That all sounds very similar to when I sat through my freshman orientation while going through a college in my hometown, where the staff and senior student sexual assault prevention folks presented almost a verbatim as the referenced poster. Except when I looked around the room, there was a large number of the folks in this room for this part of the orientation were of the XY-chromosome diversity. So again the assumption was that in that college, “Some men commit rape, ipso facto, all men commit rape.” It was disgusting then and it was disgusting now. That poster, in my mind is in direction violation of Navy Regulation Article 1164.
    Which in case you can’t find it over at, will be quoted here for you:
    “Article 1164
    Equal Opportunity and Treatment
    Equal opportunity shall be afforded be on the basis of individual effort, performance, conduct, diligence, potential, capabilities and talents without discrimination as to race, color, religion, creed, sex or nations origin. Naval personnel shall demonstrate a strong personal commitment to stand on these principles and carry them out.”

    The thing is that even as a Facebook administrator you are the public voice of the United States Naval Services. So to put up such an accusatory and inflammatory picture/poster in your stream for all to view is very dangerous. So this only seems to say to the public in general that our sailors are Rapists and to avoid them at all costs. It will only provide ammunition to some folks who believe numerous other falsehoods about our Naval Services such as we dig from the lower edges of society or purposely recruit for the USMC murders, thieves, and other ne’er-do-wells. All of which are totally false, yet those myths have hung around because of a misspoken moment by a PAO or someone else in a leadership position. What next will you do as support of the “Right Spirit Campaign” have up pictures of drunken sailors doing dumb things or sailors surrounded by bottles of alcoholic beverages? With some cute message that says sailors aren’t like this? That will only reinforce the stereotype that sailors are drunkards. It won’t matter because the first thing people will associate with the a sailor isn’t the words but rather the picture. That is the message your sending by having that poster up, that all sailors are rapists. So when a ship comes to town for fleet week, mothers better lock up their daughters cause the Navy is in town.

    This is very, very, sad and to see it up there and even a limp wristed defense of still maintaining it after public opinion turned against you only seems to say you give tact approval of the message even if you say no.

  • Melissa

    Wish the Corps published something like this, with it being a dept. of the Navy, they should consider it.

    I spent 8 years of pain, even knowing I wanted to be a career Marine, that someone else made the descision for me to get out, I couldn’t take it anymore.


    You know what I think…. Lets stop making dumb posters, websites, etc… and start funneling all that money and effort (able hands) back to mission readiness (or our ships who really need it).

    What’s happening to our Navy? It’s like every time a new ‘leader(s)’ check in to a command, we need to invent new initiatives to one-up the guy before. Think the good idea fairy is overdue for a head-shot! No wonder why we have funding issues and we can’t get peeps and parts, we spend it all on nonsense… *sigh!

    Hold people accountable to the standard, not make a new poster… I vote for the 90 sec CMC brief!

  • Stu

    This is just the natural outcome of the leadership by Facebook and Twitter that too many of our senior leaders have embraced. It pains me to look at the Navy Facebook page not only because of the silly pandering to youth but also because it really makes me believe that the movie Idiocracy was prophetic. This graphic capture both of these elements.

    Hopefully, our senior leadership will regain their senses and back off from their full embrace of the “social media.” If they only knew how many people in the ranks are actually making fun of them on their Facebook and Twitter pages then they might reconsider.

    Sal’s analysis is correct on this one. Navy, do the right thing. Pull that post down.

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    Disgusting. Insulting. Paranoid. Perverse. Opens the entire Navy to the ridicule of the entire world. Absolutely irremediably disgraceful.

    A case study in absolutely horrible judgement in public affairs practice.

    The pity is some will take it as evidence that the Navy every thing this reprehensible calumny implies.

    Sexual assault has been one of the most serious crimes under military law since there has been a US Navy. It is not to be tolerated and a capital offense, when the facts of the case warrant.

    As any officer and sailor should well know, and can’t get through basic training without being informed.

    This needs to vanish. Yesterday would be best.

    Unbelievable. A new low.

  • Jay

    I don’t know if this a fail (epic or other), or not. I am sure it grabbed some attention, perhaps from the folks who wouldn’t read an excerpt from an instruction, or would just gloss over same. A message prob works best that engages folks on all levels (humor for some, dry for others), even for a serious topic. A poster like this in a building, or on a bulkhead, as a POD note or on fb doesn’t mean the CO, CMDCM, or other couldn’t still address on a personal level. Win or fail will only be known as you track incident rates (and can isolate other determining factors).

  • Byron

    Tell us this, Jay: if you had walked on board USS Neversail and the first thing you saw was this poster, how would you feel about the way it tells you as a man that you should use the buddy system when you go out to help you control your urges to rape someone? Personally, I’d be offended as hell.

  • JAV

    While I was in Iraq, the base issued whistles to all the female service members and contractors. Thousands of people on the base, not a single report of attempted assault or rape, yet they spent hundreds of dollars on whistles and wasted everyone’s time talking about a threat that didn’t exist. In a combat zone. C’mon-every service member on the base was armed, and we’re giving them a whistle? What’s the chance anyone was going to hear it anyway?

    At least it was easy to keep track of their whistles, they could hang them off their glow belts.

  • Combat Wombat

    In re: Jay’s Comment- Since a reduction in the rate of incidents is _ALWAYS_ caused by fear of reporting, and _NEVER_ by an actual success in the reduction of incidents (which would, of course, not require MORE funding, MORE outreach, etc.) the only way to win is fail, er, to fail is to win, er, wait, what was the question?

  • UltimaRatioReg

    Combat Wombat,

    I believe the question was whether all men are rapists and sexual predators, and can be separated into those who have been caught and those who haven’t.

    Jay seems fine with that.

  • pk

    this is the kind of crap that will get the commanding officer of the organization that she is in cashiered in what 2016.


  • Diogenes of NJ

    I believe it was Popeye who once said: “Wemins aboard ships is a jinx!”

    The f-in Navy ain’t the way I left it. Good luck shipmates – you’re gonna need it sooner than you think.

    – Kyon

  • Concerned Taxpayer

    I’m an outsider- yes not in the Navy, and this article was passed to me on Facebook. Here’s an outsider’s perception on the Navy’s “Public Service Message.” I’m confused is that a real attempt to help? Is it an attempt at sarcasm about people’s behavior? Or, as one respondant stated, satire? Either way, if the Navy was firing a shot across the bow of criminal behavior, you shot in the wrong direction! Wrong message received. Here are some thoughts the poster created. I wonder who’s the captain of the USS SanQuenton? The Navy will no longer be able to call the levels of ships “decks.” Congrats Navy, they’re now blocks- A-block, B-block…Shipmates…guess again- cell mates. I’m guessing the Navy should pull this before it gets out or Jay Leno gets a hold of it. The Navy is an incredible branch of the military. Please don’t let these public affairs idiots tarnish your good name!!

  • ex-EM1(SS)Clark Ward

    I was in nursing school (only male in the class) when a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner was giving her spiel to the class and said, ‘You’ve got to be careful ladies, the weapon of choice used to be the gun or the knife, and these days, it’s the penis.’ Not one of the instructors objected. Not one. Why in the F**K are we males treated like criminals just for existing? Shit, not even the ever-loving Navy is safe anymore. Not that I’m deeply surprised, but putting it out as an official organ 🙂 of the Navy is a bit brazen.

  • Anonymous for a Reason

    I remember reading this back in college. It was originally a parody to a “Sexual Assault Tips” Poster that basically urged women to live in fear because lurking in every shadow is a rapist. The “tips” here were responses to their “tips”. (e.g. Keep an eye on your drink at all times => don’t put drugs in people’s drinks)

    However, without that context, and as it’s used here, it loses the parody and just becomes sanctimonious. But this is not the first time that the Navy has taken something that once had meaning, watered it down, taken it out of context, and called it “effectively addressing a problem”.

    The navy does not have a sexual assault problem because our sailors are all rapists. We don’t need to educate sailors on how not to be a rapist.

    We DO however, need convening authorities who don’t, for example, give a seven day brig sentence to a doctor who played bad touch with over 20 of his patients because it’s more important to save the funds for new office furniture.

    There’s your problem.

  • Spade

    Is “Facebook Administrator” a real billet? Like, is that somebody’s honest to god day to day job?

  • Byron

    In other words, Lt. Lykins, thanks for painting all men with a very broad brush. Further, I truly appreciate being painted as a potential sex offender.

    Young lady, were you a man and standing before me, I’d have to slap the hell out of you in hopes you’d get stupid and brave. There is pretty much no greater show of disrespect than to accuse me of being a rapist. In other words, your entire approach is pocked up. It is so incredibly wrong that I can’t begin to list the ways you screwed the pooch. How about, “Shipmates, when going on the town on liberty, bring a male shipmate with you in case some scumbag tries to assault you”? That’d make sense, but no, you’ve made the assumption that just because I am a man, that I will rape you.

    I’m very sorry that you’ve decided to go through life looking through those glasses. It’s a shame you’ll miss out on all the GOOD men out there.

  • R. Ryan

    I believe the UCMJ has rules against assaulting fellow service members – especially if there is a rank difference.

    Take the words ‘rape’ and ‘sexual assault’ out of the equation. Assault on another soldier/sailor/airman. Failure to maintain good order and discipline. Conduct unbecoming.

    Conviction means demotion and the brig. It’s the military way.

  • Stephen G. Smith

    Oh, please, everyone.

    Didn’t anybody here recall studying ‘Irony’ in high school literature? Don’t you remember your teacher telling about how difficult it is to pull off? And how Mark Twain was one of the very few authors to be good at it? Irony is writing or saying one thing but meaning something very different.

    Now reread each of the nine warnings again, please. Note that each APPEARS to be directed at some wolf-type of a roue but actually is intended to get a young woman to think about the situations that could get her in a jam.

    It’s been forty years since I’ve been in the Navy but I imagine that many, if not most young female recruits today, are rather
    naive and inexperienced about the guy-gal thing. And to the extent that these ten commandments get her to think a little more about the way the world works, well, it might prevent her from getting hurt and a young man from being led into dangerous temptation.

    If the Navy Facebook Administrator made an error, it was in assuming that its friends and followers are more sophisticated than they apparently are.

    C’mon everybody. Look up what ‘irony’ is — and reread that poster for what it is really saying.

  • sid

    Whats to keep Demure Sweet and Gentle – who has a “thing” for her chosen liberty buddy- from getting vindictive and spiteful against that “Eeevvyll Man” who didn’t show her the return of affection she had been hoping for during the whole last at sea period…?

    And setting the poor sap up for a Guilty Until (Hopefully) Innocent nightmare?

  • Val

    I am absolutely appalled. That poster was so ragingly inappropriate, I don’t even know what to say. It minimizes RAPE. And it makes our Sailors look reprehensible. I am mortified to be connected with the Navy in any way shape or form in conjunction to that “PSA.”

  • Val

    The REALLY ironic thing is that if you click on the VERY NEXT photo in that album the tag line is this: “This new poster reminds all Navy personnel that when using social media, you are not only representing yourself, but also the U.S. Navy, so be professional and use caution when choosing who you connect with and what you post.”

  • Jay

    Byron — “Young lady, were you a man and standing before me, I’d have to slap the hell out of you in hopes you’d get stupid and brave.” Really? On this blog? Geez Louise…pls keep your “tough guy” histrionics elsewhere.

  • Rich B.

    While you may attempt to hide behind the defense this poster is tongue in cheek, at the end of the day it is inflammatory and insulting in it’s implication.

    Perception is truth and when people visit an official United States Navy website, the perception imnplied regardless of the “humorous intent” is not only the Navy has a rampant problem (which I doubt the statistics will support compared to civilian society) and that our young men and women are lacking in honor, commitment, courage and discipline.

    Lawyers get disbarred; doctors lose their license to practice medicine; teachers lose their certifications; the Navy hangs a poster. It is poorly argued affirmations and adolescent quips like this poster which are slowly stripping away the military’s perception as a noble profession. It drags us down into the mud of the basest form of existence.

    The noble professions hold ethical codes of conduct and a certain level of social privilege conferred upon their practitioners because of it. They serve the public good vice their own self interest. In the past we celebrated our Medal of Honor winners with parades down the main thoroughfares of our city’s. Now people hardly know their names. Their was a sense of solemnity in our service. Now, we take serious issues as a joke. We hang a poster.

  • Byron

    Jay, it’s not about “tough”. It’s about a serious insult to someone who understands that character counts.

  • Val

    “There is a reason this poster is on the Navy’s FB page and it is to generate interest on a topic that doesn’t get enough serious scrutiny. Here is what one of Navy’s FB admin’s said about this poster: “A few things we’d offer: 1) This is not a Navy-generated poster, but we extended it to get your attention; 2) As sad as it is, you’d be surprised how many people need to be told these seemingly basic things; 3) It’s everyone’s responsibility to stop sexual assault. Let’s get to it.”
    — Chief Ansarov”

    As posted on the MCPON’s Facebook Page.

  • UltimaRatioReg


    How much character counts seems somewhat in debate.


    If MCPON doesn’t have shoe prints all over his boss’s desk to get him to remove such poisonous and divisive excrement as this from an official Navy site, then he is part of the problem.

    Admiral Harvey made great show about the propriety of Officers’ conduct. Well, those words seem even more hollow now. The Admiral said on FFC blog on March, the following about actions, core values, and standards expected of Officers:

    “CAPT Honors’ conduct and the actions, or lack thereof, by his immediate superiors during that period, were not in keeping with our core values and the standards we expect of officers in the United States Navy.”

    It is readily apparent that the very same can be said about the much more public actions of those responsible for posting this reprehensible trash, and of their seniors, as well. What about it, Admiral Harvey? Will you take THESE officers to task? Somehow, I don’t believe you will. We have not offended anyone important enough. Only male Sailors, whom the Navy tells us are all potential rapists.

    Admiral Roughead should be standing in front of cameras already explaining the Navy’s colossal error in judgment by ever posting something like this, and apologizing profusely for such an egregious breach of good conduct for which he is ultimately responsible.

    He will not, I am sure. Rules for thee, but not for me. Especially when they only offend and insult those who do not have powerful advocacy groups, such as heterosexual males.

    How about it, Admiral? Are you going to lead? It is, after all, what that paycheck is for.

  • “Young lady, were you a man and standing before me, I’d have to slap the hell out of you in hopes you’d get stupid and brave.”

    @Byron – not necessary.

  • Byron

    SWMBO, to a man who was raised in the South during a certain era, it is exactly how I feel. That, and calling me a liar to my face are two large red buttons that when pushed will get you an adverse reaction.

  • SGS,
    I wish this was irony. Go to the website the poster came from and then read the LT’s comment at the top. This isn’t meant to be ironic. Insulting, perhaps.

  • traderjack

    I don’t know what the uproar is about! I spent 6 years in the canoe club in WW2, and , to tell you the truth, I didn’t give a damn about what the civilians thought about the navy! I was proud to be in the Navy and wore the hat cocked back, and the scarf at the chin. Walked in tailormade bell Bottoms, and thought I was meat for the ladies.

    Never had the need to assault anyone, but carried the lead in the neckerchief, the roll of nickels, and the leaded monkey fist as needed.

    Walked proud, thought proud,and, also, read the rocks and shoals, and the court martial proceedings, and believed in the punishments recorded there in.

    Worked Shore Patrol, and Brig Warden, and the difference, I do believe, although I may be wrong, is that there is too much political correctness, and not enough enforced discipline.

    The thought of the Brig, hardlabor, at where-ever was, was enough to prevent serious crimes.

    I remember a shipmate who go a BCD because the blanket on the bunk did not have his name stenciled on it, and he could not give a good reason for it to be on his bunk.

    Bye the bye, my father in law would not allow his daughter to go out with sailors during ww2 as he had been a sailor in the 20’s and was a NAP.

    Ah, well,be proud and ignore these little snipes.

  • John S

    So, whoever’s in charge of Navy Facebook page content was duped into blithely recycling a feminist slur on men because it looks like a PSA. Could happen to anyone. What’s unforgivable is that higher-ups are trying to shine it on. If the target were any other group – gender, ethnic, racial or religious – we wouldn’t be having this discussion because the post would be memory-holed and the administrator reassigned. Imagine if the Navy had reposted a humor site’s “Monthly Period Freakout Prevention Tips” (#8: minimize interactions with superiors and major weapon systems while on your period)…

  • Spade

    Yesterday I was walking around and realized I was going to assault somebody. I was very glad I had read this poster as I had my whistle. So I gave my whistle to my buddy so he could blow it to stop me. Oddly enough, he realized he too wanted to assault somebody and gave it back to me. Now we’re stuck in a feedback loop and I’m dictating this to a helpful passerby. Please advise.

  • RickWilmes

    @ Spade

    Sounds like you and your friend are confused whistle blowers 😉

  • Joseph

    You would think with the multitude of commanders who have been relieved in the past year for sexual/relationship missteps, the Navy would have taken this issue more seriously. A serious issue requires serious action, not satire. Treat sexual assault like a joke and it becomes just that, a joke.

  • I am minded of two of my favorite statements by Jerry Pournelle:

    1. Weep for the Republic.

    2. Despair is a sin.

    Yep, it is very bad, but nope, we should not give up.

  • Someone please tell me that this was written by some reserve Ensign fresh out of NROTC from some politically correct ‘institution’ of higher learning who hasn’t the faintest idea of life at sea or, as CDR Salamander has correctly pointed out, someone who can’t spell shipmate let alone understand the meaning of the word.

    It seems to me that the Navy has lost its way. The true leaders are being replaced by managers who are afraid to make a decision without first considering the politically correct ramifications of every micro move. We have become a society afraid of offending someone, often at the expense of the majority.

    You know, tail wags dog.

    The Navy can’t find the money or expertise to keep the fleet in operational readiness but can find time and money to fund propaganda like this?

    We are in serious trouble.

  • P.S. Wallace

    You know, I really want to get on board with this. So…is it okay if I assault someone *before* they get in the elevator? Or does that fall in under rule #10? What if I don’t view women as like really, you know, people, but as a sex object? Can I *then* assault them before they get in the elevator? Just want to know. Sort of like “red light, green light” training.

  • LT B

    MCPON says this is an issue that is not given enough attention. Really? Once again, we are not covering the false accusations. We DO go after those accused of assault and have so minimized what harassment is that a bunch of males going out and not inviting a female is considered harassment.

    My latest few stints overseas had me blasted with propoganda on AFRTS TV telling me that all the damned Sailors are rapists, baby shakers, credit abusers, drunkards and compulsive gamblers. When I first was overseas, the AFRTS moments were more about navy and national history and I actually enjoyed them.

    Let’s be honest about sexual assault in the military for a moment. It seems that a HUGE proportion of them have alcohol involved. Some of them are miscommunication or morning after “buyer’s remorse.” Some are outright predatory behavior. If you go after the predators and pound them in the judicial system, you will instill enough fear to make some of them think twice and possibly not follow through their predatory desires. The rest of it, is behavior modification and self responsibility. Use the buddy rule, don’t drink to the level of impairment that you can not get out of situations or to the point your id takes over and you open yourself up for abuse or to the point you don’t hear “no” and heed the denial. We should preach responsibility for ourselves and our shipmates. Use common sense, look out for each other and destroy those that try to tear your shipmates or you down.

  • Byron

    What Lt. B said…it’s about responsibility and shipmates.

  • virgil xenophon

    There are not words in the English language to describe the depths of my loathing for the feminista-driven, PC-infused, Pavlovian reflexive response that went behind official sanctioning of the posting of such utter drivel and of those who defend the decision to do so. How does that old saying go?: “The fish rots from the head down..”

  • I was about to concur with Virgil in terms which might have embarassed him among the normal folks, but I’ll just say that what he said right there is what I wish I had said.

  • Disgusted Reader

    This is absolutely offensive and not amusing! It’s quite clear that you find this heinous crime a joke. You should get a job at burger king and serve burgers and sloppy fries, NOT AMERICA. You’re disgracing the simple Values we swear by (Honor, Courage, and Commitment) I very much so, hope that legal action was taken against the maker of this poster. To all others with a real sense of commitment and who are adult enough to control themselves, Have A Fine Navy Day!