September 2011


Sal and others have covered this…but just for example’s sake.

The major military house of education that I attend recently had a “uniform day”. Here’s what people wore:

But they also wore

and  and

And being joint there were also those who wore and and and

Civilians wore this:

“Uniform” day.

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  • Byron

    Huh…those of us who keep your little grey ships haze grey and underway usually wear jeans, a cool t-shirt and steel toed boots. Accessorized with hard hat and safety glasses, shaving is optional.

  • Mittleschmerz

    I put that in the ACU/DCU/NWU category of wear.

    Can you think of a business setting where “jeans and t-shirt” is equivalent to “coat and tie” for upper management?

  • John Byron

    “If you get an outfit, you can be a cowboy too.” From ‘The Streets of Laredo’ by the Smothers Brothers

  • Spade

    When I worked with Army/USAF/Marines I loved, absolutely loved, being in a tie for a meeting inside the beltway and having all the military folks dressed like they were about to go for a hike. This was, of course, to support the “warfighter” (another dumb term that I’m pretty sure now means “everbody”).

  • Byron

    My point is that I too support the warfighter…and my uniform is jeans and a T shirt and steel toes…

  • M. Ittleschmerz

    Byron – please reread the second para. Blue jeans and t-shirts would have been as inappropriate at the gathering I reference as ACU/DCU/NWU.

    None of that has any statement on whether someone is supporting the warfighter or not.

  • Paul P

    I think I get your irony here– there’s no “uniformity” in any of the uniforms shown– what’s the point in calling it a uniform day if everyone is in a different uniform?

  • M. Ittleschmerz

    @Paul P – YES!

  • Andy (JADAA)

    Bet every single Marine wore the desert cammi’s. The rest of us, well, to quote from “Pirates of the Caribbean”: “Rules? We prefer to think of them more as…guidelines.” 😉

  • Paul P

    Granted, I’m going back to the day when I was a kaydet at the Monastery College of Vermont, but our everyday uniform was either summer class “B”s or the winter version, with battle dress on ROTC drill days and weekends. BDU’s were only appropriate when one was going to get either dirty, wet or smelly. They certainly weren’t appropriate for ventures off campus for social reasons.

  • Alpha

    At least nobody wore the stupid PT gear.

  • Grandpa Bluewater

    Tropical (now “summer”) white in summer, service dress blue in winter, any time you meet with other services or the public. When in doubt and the meeting is indoors, service dress blue. Simple, understandable, uniform, nautical.

    Wandering around bumping into trees…BDU’s or whatever you call ’em now. Those damn marine envy fall overboard and can’t be seen in the ocean and drown things, bah, humbug.

    The Navy is wandering around and bumping into trees so much they dress for it now.

  • Mike M.

    Woad for the win!