Sometimes, I think the only secrets left in this World are in the minds of men…

Open source and commercially available intel via things like Google Earth seems to be quickly making ‘military watching’ the new pro-am hobby (the thin line between entertainment and war). Between the ‘work’ that been done in regards to those strange lines running across the Chinese desert, to the work at Georgetown on the bunkers of the Second Artillery Corps, it seems that anyone so inclined can do decent if not serious analytical work.

As well as this,

DigitalGlobe Inc. said Wednesday one of its satellites photographed the carrier Dec. 8. A DigitalGlobe analyst found the image Tuesday while searching through photos.

From the Associated Press.



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  • Derrick

    Great for target practice. 😉

  • Forrest Smith

    If we can see theirs, can’t they see ours?

  • Wally Georg

    Thank you for posting. Today’s commercial imagery companies and capabilities continue to impress intelligence analysts and operators alike with “lucky shots” such as this.
    Commercial imagery products will sporadically create “shock and awe” episodes throughout the warfare communities with “pretty pictures,”(1) which, in true warfare community rivalry fashion, will trigger lighthearted criticism of the Intelligence Community’s (IC) capabilities. However, through constructive appreciation, humbleness and relevance the IC fuses commercially available products into usable, all-source estimates necessary to inform and educate operational decision-makers on emerging foreign military capabilities and technologies.
    1)Worldview l images of Nk TD-II ICBM/SLV acquired April 5th 2009.

  • video of this and other recent imagery of the carrier in better resolution here:

  • Wally Georg

    Thanks for the link, great site…Looks like I’ve got some catchin’ up to do.