Game of Honor.

December 2011



This year I attended the Army-Navy game for the first time since having graduated. I secured Club Level seating (or standing, as it were) to calm my post-traumatic-midshipman-memory-response; the promise of central heating, leather couches and reuniting with old shipmates over a steady flow of spirits seemed a more comfortable homecoming than braving the elements with the masses. One day I’ll be married with kids, I told myself as I completed my decadent, self-interested Club Level transaction, and then I’ll return to the cold. To the stands. To the game the way it was meant to be enjoyed…drunk on emotion and pride with my fellow Americans. And cold.

This morning a banner on the Naval Institute’s website caught my eye and took me to a preview of the must-watch documentary of the season. It will be airing this Wednesday, December 21st on Showtime. I recommend it to everyone who would like to know (or be reminded) why the Army-Navy game is indeed, a Game of Honor.



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  • I was fortunate to attend the premier of A Game Of Honor last night. The film airs tonight on Showtime. I extremely encourage everyone to enjoy this documentary film. Personally, I love the game of football-that was secondary. Showtime along with CBS Sports did a phenomenal task of tapping into every emotion of the viewer…I laughed, I cried, I cheered…but mostly I walked away with total admiration & respect for the brotherhood of these young men and women that serve our country.
    You don’t have to love football to be engaged with this movie-This meticulous journey captures the historic Army-Navy rivalry and all of its traditions.


  • Rob McFall

    Game of Honor was really well done!

    Showtime did a good job of showing the life of a Midn/Cadet through the eyes of the football players. They start with I day and work their way through the four year experience at the two Academies. I was really impressed. I was particularly surprised by how unvarnished it was. This is the first time I have seen coverage on national TV of the academies that tells both the good and bad side of the story. It shows some students that don’t want to be there, some that experience hard times, and some guys that get upset and start cussing. Midn/Cadets are normal college students that experience those things too. Thank you Showtime for showing a refreshingly realistic version of the academies.