Well, I am now of the demographic that must submit their PTS package prior to reenlisting. As I am sure is the case with most Sailors, I don’t truly know if I can stay in or not. One can guess and wonder. But, until you know for a fact that you’re good to go, you might be going home and finding a new line of work.

But, we in the United States Navy are not the only Sailors who are facing such an uncertain future. Sailors of the Royal Navy–some 5,000 of them–will be sent home as well in the next four years. Sailors who have been trained, honed their skills and are willing to defend their Nations.

But, of the English speaking peoples of the World, one group is looking for able bodies – Australia.

[T]o find enough trained personnel to crew its submarines and the fleet of new warships now being built, the [Australian] navy is also recruiting from the US, Canada and New Zealand.

Unreal, but rather brilliant.


Posted by CTR1(SW) H. Lucien Gauthier III in Navy

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  • Don Mitchell

    Australia did this in the 90’s. Many Canadians took the call and went down under.
    For you Americans, you’ll have to get use to having 4 bars to relax in!

  • Byron

    And the beer….and the Sheilas…and the beer (gotta remember if you go Down Under to have your priorities straight!)

  • eastriver

    Not all your readers speak Navy all that well. Kindly elaborate on PTS/?

  • ShawnP

    If this is advertised very well. Many West Coast ships will see sudden manning problems.

  • Diogenes of NJ

    Study up on your rugby:


    – Kyon

  • Rich B.

    Well if you read deeper into the issues they are facing;

    Australia is plagued with poor management of their infrastructure; many boats such as their Collins class submarines are perpetually unable to get underway due to maintenance issues.

    Benefits for their defense force is deplorable considering the low wages and they do not share our standard of medical care, housing, etc for their forces.

    Becareful, life is not always greener on the other side of the… globe.

  • Dave Martin

    PTS stands for Perform to Serve see the below web link for more details


    Designed primarily with fleet input and to meet fleet readiness needs, PTS offers first-term Sailors in ratings with stalled advancement opportunity the chance to reenlist and retrain in a rating where advancement is better and the fleet most needs skilled people.