Early report and not much in the way of details, but there is this from NATO Shipping Center Daily Piracy Update:

The M/V LIQUID VELVET, the previously pirated vessel that may have been used as a mothership, was disrupted by naval Counter Piracy forces in the evening of 10 January. This mothership is no longer considered a threat to merchant shipping.

RN Lynx helicopter

I expect more details will be forthcoming.

Should be interesting reading.

UPDATE: Looks like a blocking move by a Royal Navy force as set out here:

RFA Fort Victoria

Fort Victoria, which is operating as part of Nato’s Operation Ocean Shield in the Indian Ocean, cut off the vessel’s progress when it was 90 miles from the coastline and forced it to return to Somalia.

Fort Victoria approached the Liquid Velvet under cover of darkness, before circling the vessel at speed. The ship’s Lynx helicopter was also used. Fort Victoria then followed Liquid Velvet as she retreated towards Somalia.


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  • Byron

    Would have been a lot more effective if that mothership had “disappeared”…

  • Good News ,Great Job Well Done Sir!

  • There are relatively few pirate “motherships,” far fewer than the number of warships in the area. Just shadowing them and constantly providing their location would appear an effective tactic. Sounds like what happened here.

  • Derrick

    Is there a way to stop the pirate motherships from returning to Somalia? I imagine if they get close to Somalia they can take on more pirates? Can you shoot out their rudders/engines?

  • Jay

    GO RFA!!! I hope MSC does something similar soon!

  • Paul P

    Now isn’t this a great example of utilizing multiple platforms to deal with a problem!

    How about a platoon of USMC with helo support on each of our ships to do the same?

  • leesea

    MSC ships are prohibited by lawyers from offensive actions. A dumb rule which I hope is changed. Who know how they are going to use the JHSVs?