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  • UltimaRatioReg

    We had mentioned in a few other posts the true nature of the “civil-military divide” and how such attitudes as we see in this video are very much learned behavior. Fostered and perpetuated by our secondary and higher education systems.



    When we think the answer is to have our service men and women be the ones who change to be more like the people in the above video and the posts referenced here, we clearly miss the mark and are about to do lasting damage to our Armed Forces.

    Perhaps what they should say to the young lady is “thank you for your service”. Oh, and “smokin’ hot boots.”

  • Fouled Anchor

    “I could never joing the military…” I just really love the peacoat.

    That is great.

  • Diogenes of NJ

    I thought that the tattoo 2 mins. in was particularly attractive.

    – Kyon

  • Sperrwaffe

    Sorry for having to annoy you again. 😉
    Well, at least you call you Veterans “Veterans”!
    Am I allowed to call myself a Veteran for my deployment to the Libanon as a member of the MTF? No.
    Are our soldiers in Afghanistan or elsewhere on deployment allowed to call themselves Veterans? They certainly do so by themselves. But not by our society. That discussion could have been started by our Secretary of Defense Mr. de Maziere. But no breaktrough.
    The normal reaction is “ohhh…that poor PTSD…” This is certainly not what our Veterans would want. They are not victims.
    We are solodiers, we are fighters and we can be proud of what we do.
    By the way, there was no Tucholsky in that video…..pffhhh

    But don’t worry, I know what you like to hit. You may add the recent topic to this divide:https://blog.usni.org/2012/02/23/23-february-1945/
    But somehow guys concentrated more on personal issues instead of discussing the real issue nnhughes was pointing towards.

    What is the source of this division? When you don’t teach history? Is there a society issue?
    Is support our troops just a saying, the showing of sympathy but somehow superficial?
    How large are the impacts on the organisational division (civil military servants and soldiers) on a larger scale? Primacy of politics for instance?
    Or even the impact on Procurement (like NavSea)?
    All these aspects are influenced from my point of view by a development on a larger scale.
    Which leads me back to the question:
    What is the division? How do active members of the service experiencing this? How are active reserve members, retired and veterans experiencing this? Or is it to much bound to be subjective?

    Sorry for all the questions. I am curious and trying to understand the issue a little bit better in order to compare it to our situation in good old Germany.

  • Darlene Kettle

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