On the eve of the centennial of the Titanic disaster, Proceedings Managing Editor Fred Schultz caught up with Hollywood director and deep-sea explorer James Cameron. They talked about the history and current exploration of the deep ocean, modern construction of deep-submersibles, and the importance of Navy (and Naval Institute) involvement in all of it. He made it clear from the start that he was speaking to a Navy “forum.”

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  • Byron

    Thanks for putting up the interview. Cameron is a fascinating man. I watched his special on dissecting the sinking with that terrific panel he put together and it was extremely interesting to watch how they came to their conclusions. I’m glad to see there’s a big wheel in Hollywood who cares about ocean science.

  • I found the history lesson on submersibles to be absolutely fascinating. The sheer focus of James Cameron on his passion has benefited the entire world.

    Perhaps the most interesting part is how close he is to the engineering regardless of all the responsibility that he has to manage.

  • comments on this have been sparse, surprisingly. Cameron is a genius, as is Don Walsh. What’s the deal? Over everyone’s head? Boring! or what? Inquiring minds want to know.