We have lost a truly great one. Military Historian and analyst Sir John Keegan, OBE, has died at the age of 78.

The Telegraph announced the death of this nonpareil author and military historian. No serious student of the Profession of Arms should fail to read Keegan’s seminal work, The Face of Battle, nor many of his other numerous and superlative works, including The First World War, The Second World War, Six Armies at Normandy, and The Price of Admiralty.

Keegan’s genius in explaining the incomprehensible, warfare, at all its levels, was simply remarkable. His was a once-in-a-century intellect, and he shall be missed.

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    Indeed he shall. He wrote very readable books, and was able explain difficult concepts in simple terms. So even Badgers could understand.

  • Paul P

    A great loss to historians and students of history.

  • Andy (JADAA)

    I “came of age” in the discipline about the time he began to gather some notice over here. Along with author-historians such as Ambrose, they helped to give voice to times and places that had not been afforded much consideration from the frontline point of view. He did serve to inspire an entire generation of military historian to see things from a much more human perspective.