Episode 137: Strategy and Diplomacy in the Broad View 08/19 by Midrats on Blog Talk Radio at 5pm, (EST):

Ships, aircraft, personnel numbers, and programs are interesting – but without context they are just expenditures.

The foundation question should always be; what are our national security requirements, and what is our strategy to meet them?

From Political to Strategic to Operational to Tactical – today’s Midrats will focus on the top two.

The Pacific Pivot, Air-Sea Battle, AFPAK, the “Arab Spring” and in an election year, various squabbles on the Potomac – the large pixels are moving.

Our guest for the full hour will be Dr. Robert Farley, assistant professor at the Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce at the University of Kentucky. He blogs about security and maritime issues at Information Dissemination and Lawyers, Guns and Money.

Join us here (live or later) or listen later on our iTunes page.

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