August 2012



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  • Col.Simon J. Kittler, usmc, ret.

    The author of this blog is right on target. I live in deep frustration over many of the things going on in the military service i committed to in 1948 and proudly served on active duty until 1982, and would have served longer if I could have.
    I heard a tale, not confirmed, that at a point some years ago when it was being driven hard from the White House that all boot training be integrated, men and women, some 69 USMC General Officers offered to request retirement if that policy was adopted. Where have this kind of Marines disappear to? I believe the other services have accepted coed recruit training while the Marines have not. How much longer will the Marine Corps leadership hold out?
    I know some young actively serving Marine Corps officers, top of their groups, combat vets, who are third generation Marines raised in the spirit and love of the Corps. Will they choose to stay with a Marine Corps career? Much of the culture that was the glue that kept me and my peers in committed to the Marine Corps has faded and washed away under failed senior civilian and military politically correct leadership. LEADERSHIP????