Join us this coming Sunday at 5pm Eastern U.S. as we talk with Capt. Wayne Hughes, USN (Ret)on Midrats, Episode 150: “Policy, Fleet Size, and the Navy Next” on Blog Talk Radio:

“If we cannot have the navy estimates of our policy, then let’s have the policy of our navy estimates.”—- Lieutenant Ambroise Baudry, French Navy

As our guest this week noted in his book Fleet Tactics: Theory and Practice, “These are the watchwords for the twenty-first-century American navy.”

As we leave our land wars in Asia and look forward to the future maritime challenges of our nation, what size and kind of Fleet should the US Navy have?

How will budgets impact the size and nature of our Fleet, and how will that impact the ability of the Navy to meet what it will be asked to do?

What are the major schools of thought on what should drive our Fleet design, and what does history have to tell us about where we should head, and what we should be cautious of?

Our guest for the full hour to discuss this and a lot more will be Wayne Hughes, Captain, USN (Ret), who in addition to being the author of innumerable books and articles, is a Professor, Department of Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.

Captain Hughes received an MS in Operations Research from NPS in 1964, and returned in 1979 and continued as a civilian instructor for thirty-two years, including 5 years as Dean of the Graduate School of Operational and Information Sciences, he is a Distinguished Alumnus of NPS.

On active duty he commanded a minesweeper, a destroyer, and directed a large training command. Ashore, he was Deputy Director of the CNO’s Systems Analysis (OP-96), and Aide to Under Secretary of the Navy R. James Woolsey.

Join us live here (and you can listen/download the show from there later, too) or pick the show up on iTunes here.

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  • RightCowLeftCoast

    I am looking forward to hearing this. There was a VADM who said a possibility of a 9% force cut, and I would like to hear your worse, best, and ideal outcomes and force sizes.

    Also, I am wondering about your opinions on the growth of the PLAN in both size and capability, and how it currently and in the future will impact operations of the USN and allied navies. Additionally, I am wondering about your opinions of expanded port visits at the former Subic Bay Naval Base, and the recent dumping allegations against a USN contracted company, and how it impacts future visits. Moreover, what is your opinions on the calls for the cancelation of the VFA in the Philippines by some, and the call for new permanent bases by others.