In light of the previous post by USNI admin, and the commentary generated, I’d like to add my thoughts in the form of a picture. Or rather, two pictures. And neither one is taken particularly well, for which I apologize.

Back story: last weekend, we took the kids up to Annapolis to see downtown and the Yard all decorated for Christmas. On a trip through the Naval Academy Club (BOQ), we came upon this gingerbread house. No doubt paid for by taxpayer dollars. Hmmm.


Very nice, of course, and I thought the midshipman sneaking out of the house was fitting.

Of course, someone had made a slight change from the original model:


It was nice to see that some things, like the behavior of 18- to-22-year-olds, will never change. And then my 4-year-old asked me why one reindeer was on top of the other one.

I’m inclined to think—based on my reading of the info in the admin post below—that the cancellation of the live Nativity in Bahrain was somewhat over-the-top. However, I’m also inclined to believe that: a) I belong to a mainstream religion and have never felt marginalized for any religious beliefs, and b) we have bigger problems to argue about.

I, for one, got a laugh from the taxpayer-funded reindeer…um…party that apparently lasted all night at USNA (when we came through the next morning Dasher and Prancer were back in their originally intended, separate spots).

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  • jkm3rd

    Thank the Lord (or whoever your deity may be — I am not about to get into that one!) that there is awe, innocence and humor still existing.

    Let us pause a moment and realize that it is possible for people to agree to disagree, with good will and humor, while also listening and reading with their ears, eyes and their brains instead of their mouths. May we introduce a bit of this into the learned discussions of this Forum in the coming months?

    And, not so incidentally, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night….
    King Neptune’s Godfather

  • Hi, Jeanette: Yeah, I always heard that Santa’s Reindeer loved to “frolic,” so perhaps that’s what they are doing in the Christmas scene. Your kids probably wouldn’t buy that, though. I also consider my Religion Mainstream(Presbyterian,) but it was more or less started by John Calvin in 16th century Switzerland.MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • Jeannette Haynie

    Merry Christmas to you too…

  • grandpabluewater

    The class meter is pretty well pegged on zero, not that a wry smile isn’t appropriate (while putting the reindeer back in underway formation). Coming soon, topics for the grownups. Or so I hope…

  • Valcan321

    My brother used to put my sisters barbies in…um…adult poses in the shower where she left them. Real awkward to take a shower with barbie in a ……nm

  • Ron Furgerson

    Perhaps Rudolph’s entire face should be red!