Please join us for Episode 160: CHINFO and Peter J. Munson 01-27, 5pm on Midrats at Blog Talk Radio:

In an information driven society wrapped in a 24-hr news cycle, what is the mission, responsibility, and the primary responsibilities of the Navy’s Chief of Information?

Well, you couldn’t ask for a better guest to help flesh out the answer to that question. Our guest for the first half-hour will CHINFO-actual, Rear Admiral John Kirby, USN.

For the second half of the hour we will have returning guest, Major Peter J. Munson, USMC – author of War, Welfare and Democracy: Rethinking America’s Quest for the End of History – a sobering view of how we got where we are, and the underlying trends that will impact the global system, and America’s place in it, for the next half century.

If you can’t make it live, listen or download here or from our iTunes page.

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  • grandpabluewater

    testing….testing….mmmmph, nothing heard…Riveting topics, the speakers covered it all, huh?

    .Hey admin, I heard we had a minesweep on the reef in Wespac, victim of of paperless navigation, FOR ABOUT THE LAST WEEK!!!???,

    Ahhh, I see. “look at my watch swinging back and forth, your eyes are getting heavy, repeat after me….trust the computer, trust the technology, the old skills and caution are obsolete, nothing going on here, this is not a topic you wish to discuss, nothing to see, move along, move along, what is, is right, all those Admirals can’t be wrong…….”

    Got it.

    Now that women’s equality has no more worlds to conquer in the USN, sorta like progressive flooding on the Titanic, when is the ceremony with plaques all around for for the Dacowits Women of Distinction, and they case their podium plaque and retire the Dacowits emblem, sing thanks for the memories, and go their separate ways? Soon…one may hope? Hmmm?