Join us at 5pm (Eastern U.S.) Sunday, 14 April 2013 for Midrats Episode 171: The State of Naval Supremacy with Seth Cropsey:

It is all around us – from poor program decisions to significant budgetary stresses that are only recently starting to bite – the large US Navy Fleet straddling the globe is contracting.Cropsey,_Seth

What are the initial, second and third order effects of the decreasing presence of the US Navy.

Is it permanent, relative, or can fewer numbers be made up in other ways?

Join Sal from CDR Salamander and EagleOne of EagleSpeak in a wide ranging discussion along with their guest Seth Cropsey, Senior Fellow from The Hudson Institute and author of the new book, Mayday: The Decline of American Naval Supremacy.

You can listen live or listen later here.

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  • Anybody remember the name of the book where the author argues that US naval supremacy was actually what won the 1991 Gulf War? What about the author’s name? His book was about how the US navy being unchallenged allowed the coalition to quickly build up its forces in Saudi Arabia without thread…

  • iTunes seems to still have a problem with episodes after Jan 2013. Any news for when Midrats episodes will start showing back up there.?