seacontrol1Matt and Chris wax on about the new budget deal and military benefits before finally discussing the incident between the Chinese and American navies, the Pacific balance, robotics, and books for the holidays. Remember to tell a friend and subscribe on Itunes or Stitcher Stream Radio. Leave a rating and a comment. Enjoy, Episode 13 of Sea Control, The Queen’s Shilling (download).

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  • Jim Deep

    I think in a war between China and US, USAF will use its B-52h with CALCM’s and take out key chinese installations from stand off ranges.

    Thats that ., now where is my wonderful article from USNI on Russian rearmament and their arctic plans.They are also building the largest fleet of ice breakers, bringing PAK FA by 2016, PAK DA by 2025, working on another 10 ton UCAV and replacement for the venerable MIG-29.


    Jim from India