seacontrolemblemBryan McGrath joins Matt and Chris to discuss his ideas for the future of maritime security. From the focused threat of China to McGrath’s ideas on a unified sea service, this is one of our best podcasts yet. Enjoy Sea Control 20- McGrath on Maritime Strategy (download).

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  • RightCowLeftCoast

    First let me say, not a Marine, not a Sailor. That being said, Marines and Sailors are different. Marines don’t sail they float and long for a beach and soil which to fight upon. A Sailor, except for an extremely small part, don’t fight ashore; give a sailor a rifle and other kit and tell them to take a hill, and more often than not against a trained force they would be fodder.
    Having joint leadership helps each branch learn and teach the other branch of the others capabilities and styles, however in our specialization is our individual strengths that lead to a better whole.