Today’s extended episode is a chat on future threat projection with Dennis Smith of the Project on International Peace and Security from William and Mary, Chris Peterson of the Fletcher School’s Neptune Group, and Alexander Clarke of the Phoenix Think Tank. We talk about the next 5-10 years in maritime security, concentrating on global human security, china, and the economy. Please enjoy Sea Control 21- Threat Projection (download).

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  • RightCowLeftCoast

    Great point, that Red China/PRC is surrounded by a series of unsinkable aircraft carriers.
    Therefore, to play the AA/AD game with Red China the solution appears to be going back to the Coastal Fortification idea but with longer reach. Provide these countries with the ability to fire Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Ship Missiles with considerable range, and a networked ability to track threats coming towards them, either as a single nation or as a group of nations who do not want Red Chinese aircraft and ships to enter there territorial waters and attempt a landing.
    Missile launching platforms can be easily moved, for instance moving a Patriot Battery. Therefore, one does not provide a fixed target.
    Great point.