seacontrolemblemCAPT Rodgers, former CO of the USS PONCE Afloat Forward Staging Base, discusses how his ad-hoc crew of Sailors and civilian mariners plucked a 40 year old ship from decommissioning’s doorstep and turned it into the most in-demand platform in the Arabian Gulf.


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All images from CAPT Rodgers’ unclassified post-deployment presentation on USS PONCE.Slide26



Editor’s Note: The real question is who the jerk is who threw the chairs all around before they left.

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  • Rylan

    I served as the Electrical Officer from 2003-2005, and she looks great (esp. the well deck). Great story.

    • OS2 Cooper

      I argee with u Johnson and chief there were a lot of blood, sweat and long days during that whole IA. I actually didn’t leave till this past June. If you could have seen it when I left, all those long days in VA in the yard and while we were over there payed off.

  • ITC Ken Brown

    I was one of the first 55 to bring USS PONCE back to life. My then ITC and I spent numerous hours in that well deck chipping and grinding and painting; along side our entire shop and the ET’s (oh and AG1). That ship has come a long way and CAPT Rogers made every minute worth being out there.

    • FC2 Michael Johnson

      Hey Ken, it’s crazy how much we changed this shop in such a short period of time, we put in soo much work and I don’t think we really see how much we changed the ship until we see pictures like this.

    • Nathan Paul Bizzle

      Congratulations on picking up Chief ITC. Ship looks great and it defintely was the best deployment I have done so far.

  • Jon Rodgers

    Chief Brown, then IT1 Brown; it was deck plate leaders like you that made PONCE successful. FC2 Johnson, where ever you are now, I am sure your CIWS mounts are fully operational and your watch team is on vigilant point. And finally, OS2 Cooper, I know your watch team is wide awake on the mid because of the metabolism of your mouth. You kept and demanded an alert watch team. I thank each of you for such a memorable tour. Please stay in touch. V/R JR