Over the coming decade, the US Navy’s new Littoral Combat Ships will be fully operational, and as we examine their designs and technological innovation, today’s episode takes us back in time to visit the newest ships of the 1750s and 1890s, some of them littoral in nature. We also head into the restoration and modeling shop of the Naval Academy museum for an up-close look at the efforts to preserve and expand the Naval Academy’s precious collection of model ships, and thus document our naval heritage.

Posted by ENS Chris O'Keefe in History, Navy, Podcasts

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  • Dexter Scott

    So I guess they’re not going to put those models in the pool and shoot at them with their BB guns?

    • Marie

      I am so so sorry everyone. I told Dexter to take his medication today but he had forgotten. He is very very angry. Dexter honey, can you please come home. I am worried about you. When will you listen to mummy? Please Dexter.