The Naval Institute’s taken its independent forum to a new level – with you in the middle.

Now everyone has a voice, all the time.

What is the Naval Institute Blog?
An independent online forum where you can express thoughtful, productive ideas, insights and opinions on issues affecting our Nation’s defense.

We’re not the Navy nor any government agency.

Blog and comment freely.

Rules of Engagement
Most visitors are here because they have a point of view, which they wish to respectfully express and discuss. We welcome that. By inviting bloggers and aggregating a balance of views all on one site, we hope to host, not dictate the agenda.

The goal is a thoughtful, authoritative analysis about the Sea Services, with Guest Bloggers who are willing to respectfully state and defend their opinions and participants ready to offer additional commentary.

This forum is not Proceedings, although those subjects are fair game for discussion. Nor do the same rules apply to the debate here.

We do insist on the following:

  • Content. The free expression of ideas and debate have been the cornerstones of the Naval Institute mission for 138 years, so we know it is possible to communicate effectively without profanity, racial or sexist language.
  • No personal attacks, threats, or harassment of anyone, including the nation’s leaders, past or present.
  • The Naval Institute moderates comments and will remove any that violate the above standards, or anything else that is offered with what we deem is malicious intent.
  • The Naval Insitute only posts content from our archive to give a voice to the past. The opinions of Guest Bloggers expressed here are never those of the Institute. We take no official position other than unrestricted support of the Sea Services, those serving in our armed forces and all of those in support of our armed services.

We also hope for the following:

  • Don’t be boring. Discussions that devolve from policy into politics almost always violate this principle.
  • Comment. Thoughtfully. Be ready to support and defend your positions.
  • When you can, cite your “authority” for stating a position. Be open to all counter-arguments, and do not be dismissive of honestly expressed opposite views. It is the debate and exchange that is most valuable.

Comment Moderation
The U.S. Naval Institute encourages commenting on posts. We enforce certain standards to maintain a high quality discussion.

Please review the commenting and moderation standards.