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I am very pleased with what is happening on the Piracy issue off the coast of Somalia. This probably comes as a shock to most, but the reality is that we have enjoyed little if no harm from the acts of piracy off of Somalia. There is really only one reason for this – the Somalia militants learned a valuable lesson in the spring – fall of 1996. American’s are not to be trifled with, and we take the protection of our citizens and ships at sea very seriously.

Having spent some time in this little garden spot – it is a lawless and wild place. The standard procedure for many years has been for us to move in an ARG (Amphibious Ready Group) or some other task force, and demonstrate that we are not going to tolerate the impediment to commerce and safety as sea. It appears that we are either to focused on other more pressing issues, or we have abandoned the World Police Force aka “Team America” mindset.

We have to be ready to defend those that can not defend themselves, and I take incredible pride in our forces and the job that they are doing overseas. This issue of piracy, however, is one that can be easily avoided (literally – chart a new course). Our lack of a global and public response is compelling others to deal with the militants in other ways by avoidance, payment, or military action.

“When you enter a room, shoot the first person that moves. He has begun to think, and therefore he is dangerous”. When you are in a fight with several enemies you have to prioritize targets. BZ to the DOD for picking the right fights, and leaving this one to the countries of these flagged ships.