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Nighttime in the maritime environment can range from a deep, bottomless black (typically for the first night trap after an extended inport period) to a riot of color and light in foreign ports. The combination of water, sky and light can make for compelling optics in the normal course of events, but come Christmas time, it assumes a special ambiance. One of our family’s traditions (when I wasn’t deployed) was to head down to the piers after Christmas Eve services to look at the ships’ holiday lighting. Not everyone has that opportunity (and given our current location, alas, neither do we) – so as a form of Christmas card from me to all of you, presented here are ‘Christmas Lights – Navy Style’
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Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and peace and prosperity in the new year to come.

w/r, Steeljaw Scribe

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A Navy Christmas Card

December 2008


Sea and sky provide the canvas on which man brushes light. For most of the year, what is produced is secondary to the task at hand – but as the Christmas season approaches the imperative turns more and more to the artistic. So, just as the average homeowner across the country adds festive lights to their homestead, the crews of ships in port, be it at home or overseas, also turn to and apply their creative talents, often with dazzling results. And yet, in other areas of the globe the chance to rest, relax and celebrate the season must perforce, be grasped in brief snatches and stolen moments because of the tasks at hand. For a globally deployed and operating force whose mission is at sea cannot swing at anchor in safe harbor all the time and remain an effective force. So as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the season, pause, reflect and give thanks for our Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen who are at sea this holiday, doing our nation’s bidding.

Christmas Lights – Navy Style