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As the resident (former) brown-shoe around these parts, one supposes it’s about time to elevate the discussion out of ground effect. Some few years ago I started a series over at the home-blog that sought, with apologies to Paul Harvey, to tell “the rest of the story” about Naval Aviation. Over the years we’ve shared the stories of some of the lesser known, but no less important planes, concepts, tactics and people who have made up the rich tapestry of NAVAIR. My plan is to share some of those stories here and in the process, draw parallels with some of the challenges we face in the here and now. Along the way we’ll see our share of things that worked and others that, well, it *seemed* like a good idea at the time…and the occasional flat-out folly. – SJS

Today’s story is one such example. As we struggle with what the future fleet will look like, being one of many iterations between “transformational” carriers, stealth destroyers or frigate-sized LCS’, we see another time when many streams of new technology converged, forcing a review and new direction in what we built and how we intended to operate and most importantly, fight with that item.

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