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It seems that the Chinese military does not share the same enthusiasm for information technology as the DoD.

“China has issued an edict banning its 2.3 million military personnel from blogging or creating homepages or websites, AP reports. The new rules came into force on 15 June, as part of a People’s Liberation Army Internal Affairs Regulation. Wan Long, a PLA political commissar, told Xinhua news agency: “Soldiers cannot open blogs on the internet no matter [whether] he or she does it in the capacity of a soldier or not.”

I read this article in the context of another article “Diplomacy 2.0” which Galrahn covered as important background in discussing the Marine Corps Operating Concepts (3rd edition). Short term, I believe this will help the Chinese in obscuring both their military and diplomatic intentions. But, in the long term, I am not so sure this will work out for them. What I wonder is, what are the tactical or strategic advantages that Milblogging actually brings to the Nations that allow it. Much the World’s economy is predicated upon shared electronic connectivity and the ability of ideas and information to pass quickly and easily across people and nations. Because of this, are we now starting to see China form the modern version of the Soviet Union’s economic policies of the 20th Century?