Is blog’n new? Is MilBlog’n new? Not really.

The concept, or more accurately the – well – je ne sais quoi of blog’n, has been around for awhile. Creative friction is good. A questioning mindset is good. Diversity of thought is good….and a little moxie doesn’t hurt. Well before our time, we should tip our hat to those who came before.

β€œAny commander who fails to exceed his authority is not of much use to his subordinates.”
-Admiral Arleigh Burke

“Mr. Chairman, all the thrust in Christendom couldn’t make a Navy fighter out of that airplane.”
-Vice Admiral Tom Connolly

“The Navy has both a tradition and a future–and we look with pride and confidence in both directions.”
-Admiral George Anderson.

“After I had finished my tour as Naval Attache in Paris, 1897 to 1900, they would not let me come home. Anyway, they sent me to the Kentucky on the way out [to the Asia Station]. I had never seen one of our battleships before. They were built while I was abroad. I was acquainted with the foreign ones. When I saw that battleship I was absolutely astounded. It is almost incredible that white men who have reached the present stage of civilization could have built a ship like that.”
-Admiral William Sims

See; nut’n new under the sun. This will be good, I like the company I find myself in – and BZ to USNI for letting us play in their sandbox.

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  • Byron

    May you read “interesting” blog articles…sounds like a modernized curse πŸ˜‰

    Looking forward to it, should be fun!

  • SSG Jeff (USAR)

    Which aircraft was VAdm Connolly speaking of? The F-111B by any chance?