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090115-N-9758L-620PACIFIC OCEAN (Jan. 15, 2009) Guided-missile destroyers USS Paul Hamilton (DDG 60), USS Hopper (DDG 70), and USS Russell (DDG 59) sail in formation during the Commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific Surface Combatant Group Sail. The group sail supports the Pacific Fleet MIDPAC Surface Combatant Operational Employment program, which calls for nine of the 11 Hawaii-based surface combatants to focus on the western Pacific Ocean by conducting intermediate and advanced training and regular deployments in the western Pacific. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Michael A. Lantron/Released)

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  • Perhaps they’re one sixth by the numbers, but in terms of expertise and experience, MIDPAC’s where it’s at!

  • SSG Jeff (USAR)

    I’m confused… are you saying we only have 18 AEGIS cruisers and destroyers currently capable of BMD?

    If so, and believing that a significantly larger number of AEGIS ships exist, will the rest be upgraded to this capability?

  • That’s what’s currently funded. There are a lot of ideas being kicked around to backfit more ships, but nothing is planned or funded. And discussing the viability of a funding request would require wild speculation right now.

  • Program of record right now is 18 (actually 17 + 1 developmental test bed, Lake Erie) with three more (2 x CG and 1 DDG) to be added in the coming year, to include two more on the east coast. Earlier this year there was talk of eventually having all DDG-51’s with BMD capability – which would be good, but also need more SM-3s…
    – SJS

  • UltimaRatioReg

    Any resolution as to how OPCON will work when there is a BMD mission for one of these warships who might be otherwise engaged/committed? Does MDA have the authority to position, assign, pre-empt USN assignment?

  • As the current Director of MDA will bluntly tell you – MDA is not a CSA, it is a research and development organization; what you ask is for the COCOMs to work out (and they are, in their own fractious ways). To be sure, BMD-configured Aegis ships are very much a high-demand/low density asset (as are the type generaly) and competition for the platform and the capabilities it brings is very keen. From where I sit/stand/brief/write on almost a daily basis,more are definitely needed.
    – SJS

  • Just to echo-more are needed or the COCOMS need to stop asking for them. Bottom line is the Navy cannot get there from here at the current rate of demand.

  • SSG Jeff, eventually every AEGIS ship will be a BMD ship-but that is a while down the road. ( For a bunch of reasons).