The final deliveries of supplies and materials for the venerable E-2C Hawkeye will take place this year, thirty-six years after the baseline model reached IOC and seventeen years after the Group II’s IOC. The replacement, the E-2D Advanced Hawkeye is a major advance in capabilities available to maritime forces that is unmatched anywhere by any other platform. The deveopment process has been successful with the 125th flight milestone being passed last summer, approval for LRIP with 3 a/c ion 2008 and 2009, on track for Milestone C this spring and IOC in 2011.

So what’s the problem? They’re at it again…

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  • Byron

    So what do they plan to do, put a dome on a Hornet? Fly an E-3 everywhere the CVSG goes? Like old Forrest say, “Stupid is as stupid does”

    And where the E2-D is being worked on is about 25 minutes from my house, down at St. Augustine Air Port. I pass by there every time the wife and I go down to walk the shops in the old town. And this isn’t some high tech joint, the management offices are in an old motel, the production is in old hangars. Low overhead, hi tech.

  • sid

    So what do they plan to do, put a dome on a Hornet?

    Byron…be careful what you ask for

  • Byron

    You forgot the TA-18 that will have to stay permanently in front of that thing so it can stay aloft more than 2 hours. Of course the crew of the TA will glow in the dark doesn’t count.

    Big Navy fixing to screw the pooch…again.

  • b2

    Hawkeye 2000…better late than never. Don’t screw with it now I say. Bird in the Hand and all.

    You know my problems with it…Turboprop design can only take a fundamental Hawkeye (and the “D” is) “so high”, “so fast” and “so far”…For what it does it’s better than “good”, however, overland capability and more “persistence” would make me happier. IFR has sorta dropped off the table, too….

    In retrospect CSA and derivatives look good…but they are gonna go all beyond that with pilotless stuff, right? LOL, cynically.

    Re Sid’s caricature..It ain’t too far off the mark..Look at the “G” Hippo model as a template. Plus, I’ve heard ’em (Hornet Mafia) discuss AESA like it was something usable in place of Hummers- bad logic, that…Thinks about all the Hornet tankers (or begged big wing tankers) required to do anything. Always the Achilles Heel out there, ignored. I’m a broken record.


  • wa

    well, in case you didn’t know, your Egyptian friends will fund the increased “persistence” effort via wet wings.